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Joseph Banks' Florilegium

  • First full colour publication of some of the most extraordinary botanical prints of the 18th century
  • Joseph Banks accompanied James Cook on his first voyage around the world between 1768 and 1771, and brought back over 1300 plant species unknown to science at the time
  • Upon his return, Banks commissioned over 700 superlative engravings as a scientific record, which collectively became known as Banks' Florilegium, and represented some of the most precise and exquisite examples of botanical illustration ever made
  • This present selection has been made from a unique limited colour edition of the prints, with expert botanical commentaries provided by Professor David Mabberley
  • 322 pages, hardback, A3 size
  • Mel Gooding, David Mabberley, Joe Studholme
  • Was $120, now $75 - save 37.5%! Limited stock
Joseph Banks' Florilegium$75.00