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1 Minute Gardener

  • From the Little Vegie Patch Co, this book features 70 illustrated, step-by-step lessons on fast edible gardening essentials
  • Compiled as a series of guides designed to be read in a minute or less
  • The one minute skills include choosing the right location, pimping your soil, crop rotation, fertilising pots, staking, harvesting and hand pollination
  • Also includes top 5s: easy growers, hardest plants to kill, and the best money savers, plus themed vegie patches
  • 256 pages, paperback
  • Mat Pember and Fabian Capomolla
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1 Minute Gardener$45.00 

12 Gardens

  • Details 12 Australian gardens designed by Jenny & Neil Delmage
  • Combines vivid photos and beautiful layout with useful tips and in-depth advice, to satisfy both the hands-on and armchair gardener
  • Describes the garden locations, soil type, orientation, planting, architectural details and garden size to inspire a garden in any location
  • 160 pages, paperback
  • Jenny & Neil Delmage
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12 Gardens$40.00 

78 Garden Weeds

  • A foldout chart providing information on identification, distribution and control of 78 garden weeds in Australia
  • Includes a colour photo of the weed flowers, botanical and common names, distribution map, description of key features and discussion of control options
  • Also provides advice on controlling particular types of weed groups
  • 8 page laminated foldout A4 chart
  • Stefan Mager
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78 Garden Weeds$12.00 

100 Gardens - Jamie Durie

  • 100 Gardens showcases ten years of Jamie Durie’s garden design work in Australia and around the world
  • Contains a double page photo spread for each of the 100 gardens chosen by Jamie to showcase his work
  • 120 pages, Jamie Durie, hardcover
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100 Gardens$60.00 

100 Tree Myths

  • A5 size book on 100 tree care and repair myths
  • Includes discussion on tree myths and black and white photographs
  • 80 pages, paperback
  • Published 1995
  • Dr Alex Shigo
  • ISBN 0943563119
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100 Tree Myths$35.00 

500 Plants

  • Visual reference to 500 of the best Australian plants you can use in your garden
  • Angus Stewart showcases his favourite tried and tested plants
  • Each plant comes with complete growing information and a colour photo
  • Also includes purpose driven lists for hedges, trees large and small, shrubs, pots, colour and more
  • 300 pages, paperback
  • Angus Stewart
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500 Plants$35.00 

Air Plant Care

  • Provides tips and creative ideas for growing air plants
  • Includes information on Tillandsia species and care, health issues, varieties, growing and ways to grow them as a house plant
  • Lots of colour photos and tips
  • 158 pages, paperback
  • Ryan and Meriel Lesseig
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Air Plant Care and Design$25.00 

All About Roses

  • Guide to growing and loving roses
  • Simple, down to earth advice on growing roses
  • Includes sections on about roses, which rose for your garden, cultural notes for roses, and healthy roses organically
  • Many colour photos throughout
  • 160 pages, paperback
  • Diana Sargeant
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All About Roses$30.00 

Australian Beekeeping Manual

  • Comprehensive reference for novice and experienced beekeepers in Australia
  • Contains detailed information on equipment needed, how to obtain bees, where to locate them in the garden and the basics of colony management
  • In-depth chapters include honey bee lifecycle, extracting honey, creating a bee-friendly garden, pests and diseases, native bees and rearing queens
  • Includes over 350 photos and illustrations
  • 344 pages, hardback
  • Robert Owen
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Australian Beekeeping Manual$50.00 

Australian Bird Guide

  • The most comprehensive field guide to Australian birds ever seen, with specially commissioned paintings of over 900 species
  • Features over 4700 colour illustrations, with particular emphasis on providing the fine detail required to identify difficult groups and distinctive plumages
  • Comprehensive species accounts have been written by a dedicated team of ornithologists to ensure identification details, distribution and status are current and correct
  • 566 pages, paperback
  • Peter Menkhorst, Danny Rogers, Rohan Clarke, Jeff Davies, Peter Marsack and Kim Franklin
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Australian Bird Guide$50.00 

Australian Coastal Gardens

  • Coffee table sized book showcasing the diverse range of coastal gardens from around Australia’s coastline
  • Provides detailed commentary and beautiful photos from seventeen coastal gardens
  • An extensive plant guide is also provided to help guide through the practicalities of gardening by the sea
  • 304 pages, hardback
  • Myles Baldwin
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Australian Coastal Gardens$90.00  Out of Print

The Australian Fruit & Vegetable Garden

  • A detailed book produced by The Digger’s Club on growing fruit and vegetable across Australia
  • Provides information on climatic survivability of tropical and subtropical fruits across Australia
  • Contains sections on soil, sowing, pruning, pest control and correct choices for small plots
  • Provides detailed information on individual vegetables, fruits, nuts and herbs 
  • Clive Blazey and Jane Varkulevicius
  • 144 pages, hardcover
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Aust Fruit Vege Garden$40.00 

The Australian Garden

  • Describes how Australian plants can be used in all the major garden styles, including natural gardens, coastal, arid, country, "walkabout", grassland, cottage, theme, wildflower, courtyard and formal gardens
  • Provides a large number of example Australian plants for designing features,  groundcovers, ornamentals, infill or almost any purpose
  • Covers many other aspects of garden design
  • Lots of full page colour photos
  • Diana Snape
  • 232 pages, hardcover
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The Australian Garden$45.00 

Australian Garden Rescue

  • Whether you have a garden suffering from lack of attention, weather damage or pest attacks, this book will guide you through practical solutions, helpful tips and preventative tactics to minimise future harm
  • With an emphasis on environmentally friendly strategies and simple advice, this highly illustrated guide will provide tactics for gardeners repairing recent damage or tackling prolonged neglect
  • 243 pages, paperback
  • Mary Horsfall
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Australian Garden Rescue$40.00 

Australian Medicinal Plants

  • Essential guide to herbal medicine/Australian flora & its relationship to Aboriginal culture
  • Listings of nearly 500 plants, with detailed information on the ways they were used, what their known pharmacological constituents are, where to find them, & how to prepare remedies
  • 303 pages, paperback
  • EV Lassak & T McCarthy
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Australian Medicinal Plants$44.00 

Australian Native Bees

  • Combining the substantial expertise of many of Australia's leading native bee researchers, this book is a guide to observing and keeping Australia's broad range of native bee species
  • Includes chapters on bee biology and behaviour, bees as pollinators, agricultural beescapes, native bees for pollination services, urban bee ecology, creating artificial nest sites for Australian solitary and semi-social bees, bee identification, stingless bees, capturing, photographing and classifying bees, bee biosecurity and FAQ about Australian native bees
  • Lots of colour photos and illustrations
  • 174 pages, paperback
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Australian Native Bees$35.00 

Australian Native Plants - Concise Ed

  • Concise edition describes over 1500 Australian plants with colour photographs
  • Provides information on selecting, propagating and caring for Australian native plants
  • Includes details on natural distribution, key features of the plant and colour coded recommended planting zones
  • Fully updated plant names and new species added
  • 352 pages, paperback
  • Wrigley & Fagg
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Aust Nat Plants - Con Ed$50.00 

Australian Rainforest Fruits

  • Beautifully illustrated field guide covers 504 of the most common fruiting plants found in Australia’s eastern rainforests
  • Species are arranged by colour of ripe fruit, then by size and form
  • Five broad colour categories enable people with limited botanical knowledge to identify the fruits
  • Each species description is accompanied by a leaf drawing, distribution map, and diagnostic characters
  • 266 pages, paperback
  • Wendy Cooper and William T Cooper
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Australian Rainforest Fruits$60.00 

Australian Rainforest Plants Vol I

  • Over 100 rainforest plants described
  • Provides information on where and how the plants grow in the wild and how to grow them in the garden
  • Full colour photos for each species
  • 72 pages, paperback
  • Hugh & Nan Nicholson
  • ISBN 0958943605
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Aust RF Plants V1$20.00 

Australian Rainforest Plants Vol II

  • 120 rainforest plants described
  • Provides information on where and how the plants grow in the wild and how to grow them in the garden
  • Full colour photos for each species
  • 72 pages, paperback
  • Hugh & Nan Nicholson
  • ISBN 0958943613
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Aust RF Plants V2$20.00 

Australian Rainforest Plants Vol III

  • 106 rainforest plants described
  • Provides information on where and how the plants grow in the wild and how to grow them in the garden
  • Full colour photos for each species
  • 72 pages, paperback
  • Hugh & Nan Nicholson
  • ISBN 095894363X
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Aust RF Plants V3$20.00 

Australian Rainforest Plants Vol IV

  • 114 rainforest plants described
  • Provides information on where and how the plants grow in the wild and how to grow them in the garden
  • Full colour photos for each species
  • 72 pages, paperback
  • Hugh & Nan Nicholson
  • ISBN 0958943648
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Aust RF Plants V4$20.00 

Australian Rainforest Plants Vol V

  • 114 rainforest plants described
  • Provides information on where and how the plants grow in the wild and how to grow them in the garden
  • Full colour photos for each species
  • 72 pages, paperback
  • Hugh & Nan Nicholson
  • ISBN 0958943656
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Aust RF Plants V5$20.00 

Australian Rainforest Plants Vol VI

  • 120 rainforest plants described
  • Trees, shrubs, vines, ferns, orchids and groundcovers from Tasmania to far northern Australia are illustrated and described
  • Full colour photos for each species
  • 72 pages, paperback
  • Hugh & Nan Nicholson
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Aust RF Plants V6$20.00 
  • All six volumes for only $100:
Aus RF Plants V1-6$100.00 

Australian Rainforest Seeds

  • This long-awaited guide to rainforest seed propagation unlocks the secrets to growing 300 rainforest species
  • Providing specific information on how to sustainably collect, process and germinate seeds, this user-friendly book aims to support a growing movement of rainforest restoration
  • With invaluable information based on 30 years of research in northern New South Wales, users will find even difficult rainforest species delightfully easy to grow
  • 204 pages, paperback
  • CSIRO Publishing
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Australian Rainforest Seeds$50.00 

Australia’s Best Gardens

  • Showcases some of Australia’s best gardens to demonstrate the form and function mantra, with form being aesthetics and function being practicality
  • 46 gardens showcased, with colour photos, descriptions and plant lists
  • 192 pages, paperback
  • Edited by Gary Takle
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Australia's Best Gardens$40.00 

Automating Hydroponics

  • Discover how to create the ideal hydroponic garden, regardless of your locale, level of expertise or budget
  • Provides information on the range of available systems, seed selection, plant requirements, and the care and maintenance of your growing environment
  • For the more technically minded, instructions are provided on how to automate virtually every aspect of hydroponic gardening to help minimise time and effort through the use of commercial and homemade equipment
  • Whether you are a home gardener or are planning a large scale operation, this guide will help you set up a customised system that's precisely tailored to your needs
  • 148 pages, paperback
  • Cerreto Rossouw
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Automating Hydroponics$25.00 

Backyard Bees

  • Ultimate guide to installing and maintaining a beehive throughout the seasons
  • Provides extensive advice on choosing a hive and the equipment you need
  • Includes case studies and anecdotes from beekeepers from all walks of life
  • Also includes 20 delicious recipes for your honey
  • 208 pages, hardback
  • Doug Purdie
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Backyard Bees$35.00 


  • Extensively revised edition contains descriptions and illustrations of all 79 known species of Banksias with many enhanced and updated species descriptions
  • Provides information on the history of discovery, evolution, how to find and grow them and how they have inspired artists
  • Over 400 beautiful colour photos and illustrations
  • 378 pages, paperback
  • Kevin Collins, Kathy Collins and Alex George
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The Bee Friendly Garden

  • Guide for all gardeners to encourage bees and other good bugs to gardens
  • Includes information on how bees forage and how your garden needs them, a comprehensive plant guide to bee friendly plants, ideas for gardens of all sizes, and natural pest control and companion planting advice
  • Lots of colour photos throughout
  • 208 pages, paperback
  • Doug Purdie
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Bee Friendly Garden$40.00 

Beekeeper's Problem Solver

  • Provides information on solving and avoiding problems when keeping bees
  • Contains 100 common problems experienced by beekeepers, spelling out in clear and simple terms the underlying causes and offering practical solutions
  • From hive management to bee diseases, beekeeping equipment to honey production, each key area is tackled in depth with photographs, practical tips and useful insights
  • 224 pages, paperback
  • James E Tew
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Beekeeper's Problem Solver$25.00 

Beginner's Guide to Succulent Gardening

  • Step-by-step guide to growing over 100 beautiful and long lasting succulents
  • Includes information on choosing succulents, mixing the right soils and preparing the growing environment, potting and transplanting techniques, watering, fertilising and providing the right amount of sun for each variety, and understanding peak periods as well as seasonal traits and needs
  • Lots of helpful diagrams and beautiful photos
  • 96 pages, paperback
  • Taku Furuya
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Beg Guide to Succulent Gardening$23.00 

Beyond the Garden Gate

  • The Southern Highlands of NSW is an area renowned for its seasonal beauty and extravagant estates
  • Behind tall green hedges and beyond sprawling drystone walls are an extraordinary variety of garden designs featuring tree lined avenues, wide lawns, potager gardens and vast lakes
  • This book contains descriptions and photos of 20 gardens which exemplify the love, vision and determination of a tight knit community
  • 256 pages, hardback
  • Jacqui Cameron with photos by Sue Stubbs
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Beyond the Garden Gate$80.00 

Birds of Australia

  • The Complete Guide to Finding the Birds of Australia provides detailed information on locating every resident bird species in Australia, plus supplementary information on where to find rarities, migratory species and logistical information
  • Covers all states and territories, and now includes all Australia’s island and external territories
  • Comprehensive "Bird Finder Guide" details site information on all Australian bird species
  • 463 pages, softback
  • Richard Thomas, Sarah Thomas, David Andrew and Alan McBride
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Comp Guide to Finding Birds$50.00 

Birdscaping Australian Gardens

  • Describes how to identify the most common garden birds and how to chose, grow and maintain native plants which attract them
  • From acacias to eucalypts, and from honeyeaters to kookaburras, this essential guide will help transform any garden into an avian paradise
  • Featuring plant and bird directories illustrated with colour photos and line drawings, as well as comprehensive planting tables and expert advice, this book has all you need to create a refuge for birds
  • 358 pages, hardback
  • George Adams
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Birdscaping Aust Gardens$60.00 

Black Plants

  • An interesting book detailing plants with black or near black foliage, flowers or fruit
  • 75 plants are described including annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees with information on light and moisture requirements
  • Colour photos accompany each plant description
  • 159 pages, softback
  • Paul Bonine
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Black Plants$25.00 

Bonsai Basics

  • Explains in detail all the techniques needed to keep a bonsai alive and in good shape
  • Clear text and step-by-step instructions ensure that even the most nervous newcomer can approach looking after bonsai with confidence
  • Includes what to look for when making a selection, advice on seasonal care and maintenance, and an extensive directory of every major bonsai type
  • 128 pages, paperback
  • Colin Lewis
  • Click on image to see further details
Bonsai Basics$15.00 

Bonsai Beginner's Bible

  • Definitive guide to choosing and growing bonsai
  • Compact and stylish guide provides everything you need to know to grow bonsai successfully, including shaping with wires, watering, seasonal maintenance, tackling common ailments, choosing the right container, feeding and repotting
  • Includes a directory of over 180 of the most popular species, illustrated with beautiful colour photos
  • 320 pages, paperback
  • Peter Chan
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Bonsai Beginner's Bible$23.00 

Bring the Outside In

  • The essential guide to cacti, succulents, planters are terrariums inside the house
  • Reveals everything you need to know to help your plants thrive indoors, from dramatic statement foliage and miniature citrus trees to table top terrariums and hanging planters
  • Includes great photography, step-by-step tips, and chapters on orchids, cacti, herbs and chilli plants
  • Over 1000 photographs including a gallery of star plants for each month, plus expert advice on cultivation
  • 64 pages, hardback
  • Val Bradley
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Bring the Outside In$28.00 

Broadleaf Weed Seedlings

  • Field guide for farmers, graziers, extension officers, consultants and students who are trying to identify broadleaf weeds at the early seedling stage
  • Includes descriptions of 95 broadleaf plant species, focusing on the weeds of the temperate zone of Australia, 86 weeds, the broadleaf crops canola and safflower and a broadleaf forage crop, six legume pasture species (including Lucerne, white clover and subterranean clover)
  • Also includes a detailed colour photo and a short description pointing out the features unique to each species, making it easy to identify the seedlings while at their most susceptible stage for control. Cross-references are included for look-alike species
  • For ease of identification, the plants in the field guide are arranged according to cotyledon shape, and diagrams showing the plant parts and the different shapes of leaves, cotyledons, apexes, bases and margins will help the user to correctly identify species
  • 112 pages, paperback
  • James Dellow, NSW DPI
  • Click on image to see further details
Broadleaf Weed Seedlings$30.00 

Bountiful Bonsai

  • Describes a new and innovative application of the art of bonsai
  • Explains how to create instant bonsai using common plants purchased at a local nursery
  • Focus on bonsai of edible species, including fruits, herbs, flowers and medicinals
  • Conveys all the information needed to begin growing edible bonsai, including plant characteristics, care requirements, potential plant uses, specimen choice advice and bonsai carving tips
  • 128 pages, paperback
  • Richard W Bender
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Bountiful Bonsai$17.00 

Citrus - A Gardener’s Guide

  • An excellent reference book for growing citrus in Australia
  • Provides details on Citrus varieties and rootstocks, growing citrus (selecting/preparing site, establishment, growth/fruiting, maturity/harvesting) and detailed information on pests and diseases
  • Lots of good technical information and charts
  • 76 pages, paperback
  • Bruce Morphett and Ian Tolley
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Awaiting reprint

Coastal Plants: Perth Region

  • Definitive guide to the 100 most common plants of the Perth coastal region including the key species used in coastal restoration
  • Each species is presented with its latin name, common name and family, together with its distribution, key diagnostic features, history, pollination, uses in restoration and propagation
  • The description is accompanied by a distribution map, diagnostic photographs of the whole plant, flowers, seeds and fruits
  • 277 pages, paperback
  • Kingsley Dixon
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Coastal Plants: Perth Reg$40.00 

Common Fungi of Coastal NSW

  • Designed to be used by people of all ages to identify fungi in the field
  • Contains some great information on what fungi are, why they're so important, and where to find them with full colour photos
  • Includes chapters on what are fungi?, agarics, boletes, leathers and polypores, tooth fungi, coral fungi, jelly fungi, puffballs and birds nest fungi, stinkhorns, Ascomycota and slime moulds
  • 151 pages, paperback
  • Click on image to see further details
Common Fungi of Coastal NSW$20.00 

Complete Book of Herbs in Aust

  • Over 150 herbs are covered in this book, from the most common such as mint and basil to the more exotic such as turmeric and lemon grass
  • For each herb the author outlines various species, history, cultivation, propagation and harvesting, and then looks at cosmetic, medicinal and culinary uses, with over 250 recipes
  • Includes plans for planting a herb garden and guidance on propagation, harvesting, herbs in containers, pests and diseases as well as a yearly calendar
  • 304 pages, paperback
  • Jekka McVicar
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Comp Book of Herbs in Aust$35.00 

Complete Book of Vegetables in Australia

  • Comprehensive work covering over 90 vegetables will help you out no matter which you want to grow
  • A true sourcebook for the Australian gardener, it contains practical advice on how to grow top quality plants from propagation to harvest
  • Includes information on controlling pests, crop rotation, companion planting, soil improvement and weed control
  • With detailed notes on nutritional value and recommended varieties for culinary use, this book will also travel with you from the garden to the kitchen. Each temptingly illustrated entry is accompanied by mouth-watering recipes, including a selection from Michelin-starred chef Jean-Christophe Novelli
  • 280 pages, paperback
  • Matthew Biggs
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Complete Book of Vege in Aust$35.00 

Complete Book of Vege, Herb & Fruit

  • Definitive sourcebook for growing, harvesting and cooking your own fresh produce at home
  • Packed with up-to-date information by three leading experts, this book features over 90 vegetables, 130 herbs and 100 fruits, with thousands of varieties detailed
  • Over 800 photos and illustrations, with tips on cultivation, propagation and garden maintenance for each plant, plus over 600 recipes
  • 704 pages, hardback
  • Matthew Biggs, Jekka McVicar and Bob Flowerdew
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Comp Book of Vege, Herb & Fruit$50.00 

Compost Book

  • Divulges the secrets of good compost making
  • Discusses the type of compost to suit your soil, the ideal material for making compost, the correct structure of a compost heap, and what to do if your compost smells or is vermin infested
  • 124 pages, paperback
  • David Taylor
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Compost Book$20.00 

The Container Garden

  • Whether it's growing herbs or planting succulents to display on your windowsill, containers help you to bring nature to the most inhospitable and smallest of spaces
  • A range of different planting schemes and types of containers are covered, from urns and troughs to chimney stacks and hanging baskets
  • Expert advice on what to grow is provided - from bonsais, bulbs and bamboos to tumbling and creeping plants and flowers - and shows you how to make a living wall, a pond in a metal trough or oven your own bespoke containers
  • 160 pages, paperback
  • Frances Tophill
  • Click on image to see further details
The Container Gardener$40.00 

Creating an Australian Garden

  • Angus Stewart shares his extensive knowledge to create Australian gardens that provide year round colour, vibrant foliage and havens for wildlife
  • Contains practical tips on planning a garden from scratch, adapting an existing garden, using water saving methods, creating mounds and raised beds for proper drainage, container growing, soil preparation techniques and 450 of the best Australian plant varieties
  • 255 pages, paperback with lots of colour photos
  • Angus Stewart
  • Click on image to see further details
Creating an Aust Garden$50.00 

Dig Deeper

  • Definitive gardening manual for the modern gardener
  • Guiding readers through the seasons, each chapter is divided into four parts: annuals, perennials and bulbs; grasses, groundcovers and climbers; shrubs and trees; and herbs, fruit and vegetables
  • Contains step-by-step projects, feature plants and advice on a wide range of gardening issues
  • 472 pages, hardback
  • Meredith Kirton
  • Click on image to see further details
Dig Deeper$70.00 

DIG Seasonal Gardening

  • Must have guide for both the novice and experienced gardener
  • Lavishly illustrated, it is packed with down to earth advice and information
  • Includes step-by-step guidelines for essential gardening techniques, checklists for each season and a range of projects
  • From grasses to citrus trees, ground cover to climbers and bulbs to herbs, the comprehensive how-to and when of gardening will inspire and inform
  • 438 pages, paperback
  • Meredith Kirton
  • Click on image to see further details
DIG Seasonal Gardening$50.00 

Discovering Australian Flora

  • Explains how plants are displayed at the Australian National Botanic Gardens according to themes and provides clear and simple geographical, historical and botanical information
  • Through exquisite colour photos taken at the ANBG, the author celebrates the minute and intriguing details of Australia's complex, beautiful and diverse flora
  • Describes the unique features of Australian flora, including their reliance on fire and ability to survive in poor soil, and looks in detail at the two dominant genera in the Australian landscape - Eucalyptus and Acacia
  • 98 pages, paperback
  • Fanny Karouta-Manasse
  • Click on image to see further details
Discovering Australian Flora$35.00 

DIY Hydroponic Gardens

  • Practical information aimed at DIY, this book shows exactly how to build, plant and maintain over a dozen unique hydroponic systems
  • Detailed step by step photos show how to create these systems and how to plant and maintain them
  • Includes recipes for nutrient solutions, light and ventilation sources, comprehensive equipment guide, growing and maintenance instructions, and complete crop selection charts
  • 192 pages, paperback
  • Tyler Baras
  • Click on image to see further details
DIY Hydroponic Gardens$33.00 

Dry Gardening Australia

  • With water at a premium, this book will assist in drought-proofing your garden by improving the soil and choosing water efficient plants which are suitable for your climate
  • Includes step-by-step techniques, helpful hints and planting guides for 4 climatic zones to enable a smart, water efficient garden to be established in 3 years
  • 208 pages, softback
  • 2007, Jonathan Garner
  • Click on image to see further details
Awaiting reprint

Edible Garden Design

  • There has never been a more exciting time to grow an edible garden, and this book will give you inspiration to create your own edible utopia, no matter how big or small
  • Includes designs on vertical, stackable, kerbside, rooftop, community, windowsill and recycled vegetable gardens
  • Provides inspirational vege gardens from around the world, with stories and design detail
  • 304 pages, hardback
  • Jamie Durie
  • Click on image to see further details
Edible Garden Design$50.00 

Encyclopedia of Garden Design

  • Inspirational and thoroughly practical, this Royal Horticultural Society book will unlock your creative talent and provide all the guidance you need to conceive, plan, construct and plant the garden of your dreams
  • This comprehensive design bible offers fresh and achievable ideas for your garden, including:
    - understanding the fundamentals of garden design
    - developing your own style to suit your space
    - creating structures and planting schemes to bring your ideas to life
  • 392 pages, hardback
  • Royal Horticultural Society, edited by Chris Young
  • Click on image to see further details
RHS Enc of Garden Design$65.00 

The Encyclopedia of Herbs

  • Compendium detailing every aspect of growing, identifying, harvesting, preserving and using more than 500 species of herbs
  • New 2009 edition includes more than 140 detailed botanical drawings and updated nomenclature
  • 604 pages, hardback
  • Arthur O Tucker and Thomas Debaggio
  • Click on image to see further details
Encycl. of Herbs$60.00 

Eucalypts: A Celebration

  • Celebrates the diversity, beauty and the role Eucalypts play in Australia’s history, culture & economy
  • Examines their evolution, biology, horticulture, classification, ecology and botanists
  • Lots of photos throughout
  • 343 pp, paperback, John Wrigley and Murray Fagg
  • Click on image to see further details
Eucalypts: A Celebration PB$40.00 

Eucalypts of WA - SW Coast & Ranges

  • Comprehensively describes every eucalypt species occurring along the south-west coast and ranges of WA
  • For each of the 147 eucalypts, a double page provides information on:
    - images of the whole plant, bark, flowers and fruits
    - detailed distribution map
    - meaning and origin of the name
    - original naming and type
    - characteristic features
    - notes on identification
    - detailed botanical description
  • 334 pages, paperback
  • Malcolm French and Dean Nicolle
  • Click on image to see further details
Eucalypts of WA - SW Coast/Ranges$49.00 

Eucalypts of the Sydney Region

  • Compact book designed to fit easily into a walker's backpack, this book describes the most common eucalypt species found in the Sydney region (from Newcastle to Nowra and west beyond Katoomba)
  • Each species description comes with a distribution map, line drawings of buds and fruit, a colour photo of the bark and a a diagram indicating growth habit
  • Species are grouped to assist with easy identification and comparison with similar species
  • 82 pages, paperback
  • Gary Leonard
  • Click on image to see further details
Eucalypts of the Sydney Region$28.00 

Eucalyptus - An Illustrated Guide to Identification

  • Latest reprint of a highly popular eucalypt book
  • Covers over 200 of the most common species of eucalypts from all over Australia
  • Each species is described fully with clear photographs and a distribution map
  • 230 pages, paperback
  • Ian Brooker & David Kleinig
  • Click on image to see further details
Eucalyptus Illus Gde to Ident$33.00  No ETA

Fabulous Food from Every Small Garden

  • Details how to grow food at home even in the smallest spaces
  • Explores the reasons for growing food at home, including the many potential benefits such as improved taste, freshness and nutrition
  • Provides detailed information on successfully growing plants from seed, explains the use of organic pest & weed control, and efficient watering methods
  • Mary Horsfall
  • CSIRO Publishing , 2009
  • 220 pages, paperback
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Fab Food - Small Garden$40.00 

Field Guide to Aust Trees

  • A classic guide to Australian trees
  • Over 400 Australian trees representing 80 different genera are described with over 150 colour photos
  • Each entry includes notes on distribution, habitat, commercial use, horticulture and a description of the tree’s key botanical features
  • 328 pages, paperback
  • Ivan Holliday
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Field Guide to Aust Trees$35.00 

Field Guide to Australian Wildflowers

  • Describes more than 1000 of the most common wildflower species found in Australia, each listed alphabetically in their family group
  • Covers all the key floristic regions of Australia including the Grampians, Barrens and Stirling Ranges, Sydney’s heathlands and the tropical north
  • Colour photographs illustrate each species and, where helpful, line drawings of the leaf or fruit are included
  • 442 pages, paperback
  • Denise Greig, published 1999
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FG to Australian Wildflowers$47.00 

Field Guide to Eucalypts Vol 1 (SE Aust)

  • Fully revised third edition of the Eucalypt bible
  • Over 280 south-eastern Australia eucalypt species described with full colour photos
  • Covers all NSW (except far north west), Victoria, Tasmania and south-eastern SA
  • MIH Brooker & DA Kleinig
  • Third edition - fully revised 2006
  • 356 pages, hardback
  • ISBN 1876473525
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Field Guide Eucs Vol 1$130.00  OUT OF PRINT

Field Guide to Eucalypts Vol 2 (WA, SA)

  • Over 370 eucalypt species from south WA, SA and north west NSW described with 1600 colour photos
  • Covers the southern part of Western Australia, extends across the Nullabor Plain to most of South Australia and into areas of NSW which lie to the north and west of the Darling river
  • Fully revised, expanded and updated 3rd edition published 2016
  • 434 pages, hardback
  • MIH Brooker & DA Kleinig
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Field Guide Eucs Vol 2$130.00 

A Field Guide to Insects in Australia

  • Revised 2017 edition provides even more information to help identify insects from all the major groups
  • Provides extensive information on identifying insects with over 600 colour photos and over 50 line drawings to clearly illustrate subtle differences
  • 328 pages, paperback (plastic cover)
  • Paul Zborowski and Ross Storey
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FG to Insects in Aust$40.00  No ETA

Field Guide to Native Plants of Sydney

  • Over 1370 species of native plants in and around Sydney are described and illustrated
  • Provides information on history, ecology, Aboriginal and European uses of each plant, together with references to literature and the journals of explorers
  • 3rd edition, 448 pages paperback
  • Les Robinson
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FG to Nat Plants of Syd$50.00 

FG Useful Plants from Temperate Aust

  • Detailed descriptions of over 150 useful plants from the temperate eco-region of south-eastern Australia
  • More than 800 colour photos and drawings for ease of identification, as well as maps of local and Australia-wide distribution
  • Provides information on a wide range of uses for native plants as food, fibre and medicines, including notes on preparation
  • The result of a 15 year fieldwork partnership photographing, describing and using plants from the temperate eco-region of south-eastern Australia
  • 416 pages, paperback
  • JM Caton and RJ Hardwick
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FG Useful Native Plants Temp Aust $50.00 

Flora of Melbourne

  • Describes 1367 species of native plant found in the greater Melbourne area
  • Each species description is accompanied by line drawings and/or colour photos
  • Provides information on managing bushland areas, soils of the area, original vegetation of Melbourne based on the concept of ecological vegetation classes, and lists important bushland reserves with examples of Melbourne’s original vegetation
  • Fourth edition, 608 pages, hardback
  • Marilyn Bull
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Flora of Melbourne$90.00 

Flora of the Hunter Region

  • Covers the Hunter region of NSW, between the Hawkesbury and Manning rivers, from the coast to the tablelands and slopes
  • Describes 54 endemic trees and larger shrubs, combining art and science in a manner rarely seen in botanical identification guides
  • Species accounts provide information on distribution, habitat, flowering, key diagnostic features and conservation status, along with complete taxonomic descriptions
  • Each account includes stunning botanical illustrations, which depict key diagnostic features and allow complete identification of each species
  • 130pages, hardback
  • Stephen Bell, Christine Rockley and Anne Llewellyn
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Flora of the Hunter Region$80.00  No ETA

The Florilegium

  • This beautifully produced book is a celebration of 200 years of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, showcasing the botanical richness of these Gardens through the eyes of 64 exceptional Australian and international botanical artists
  • The stunning botanical paintings are presented chronologically according to the date of each species' introduction to the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney and its Blue Mountains Garden, Mt Tomah and the Australian Garden, Mt Annan. With paintings of indigenous Australian plants as well as more exotic species from Asia, the Americas, Africa and Europe, The Florilegium truly reflects the diversity of the three Gardens
  • Each painting is accompanied by a botanical description written by Louisa Murray and a historic overview by Colleen Morris detailing the discovery of the featured species, its historic and cultural significance and introduction to the Gardens
  • 224 pages, paperback
  • The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney
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The Florilegium$49.00 

The Flowering of Australia’s Rainforests

  • Provides an overview of pollination in Australian rainforests, particularly subtropical rainforests
  • Chapters include pollination in lore and legend, plant and flower evolution and development, the role and function of colour, fragrance and form
  • Later chapters deal with breeding systems, mimicry, spatial, temporal and structural influences on plant-pollinator interactions and floral syndromes
  • Includes individual plant pollination case studies
  • Primarily textual with some colour photos
  • 200 pages, hardback
  • CSIRO publishing, Geoff Williams & Paul Adam
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Flowering of Aust RF$100.00 

Flowers A-Z

  • A beautiful reference book for buying, growing, cutting and arranging flowers
  • The main section lists flowers alphabetically with flower descriptions and gorgeous full page colour photographs
  • A special quick reference guide on each flower shows the flower’s various names, varieties in which it comes, available colours, scents, characteristics of freshness and ageing, vase life in days and relative cost
  • 160 pages, Cecelia Heffernan, large paperback
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Flowers A-Z$40.00 

The Foliage Garden

  • Focussed on the selection of foliage plants - trees, shrubs, climbers, perennials and ferns - to give sculptured form to create unique, interesting and beautiful gardens
  • Provides information on climate patterns and frost hardiness, leaves styles and shapes
  • Part I of the book discusses garden themes and special foliage plants to assist in correct selection
  • Part II is an A-Z directory of plants with many colour photos
  • 400 pages, Denise Greig, paperback
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The Foliage Garden$40.00 

Food Forest Handbook

  • A food forest is a productive landscape developed around a mix of trees and perennials, helping increase biodiversity, protect valuable habitat for beneficial insects, and promote food security and resilience, all while providing an abundant annual harvest
  • This practical manual for a home-scale perennial polyculture garden covers all the steps to guide the reader through the process including:
    - getting started: site assessment and planning
    - tending the forest garden: maintaining soil health, succession planning, mulching, pruning and more
    - the fruits of your labour: crop profiles, harvest, storage, nutrition and recipes
  • 238 pages, paperback (USA)
  • Darrell Frey and Michelle Czolba
  • Click on image to see further details
Food Forest Handbook$60.00 

Forest Trees of Australia

  • Describes and illustrates over 300 of Australia’s most important trees
  • Fully revised and expanded 2006 edition includes new maps and photographs
  • Includes a colour section illustrates some of the major forest types in Australia
  • Includes 190 eucalypt and 110 non-eucalypt species
  • Black and white photos
  • Outstanding reference book
  • 736 pages, hardback
  • CSIRO publishing
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Forest Trees of Australia$150.00 

From the Ground Up - NSW

  • A complete and comprehensive garden guide specifically developed for New South Wales gardeners
  • Contains an encyclopedia of native & exotic plants to grow, information on gardening techniques including propagation, compost, planting, pruning, watering, fertilising and garden design
  • Beautiful colour photos throughout
  • 279 pages, hardback
  • Linda, Sandra & Graham Ross
  • Click on image to see further details
From the Ground Up - NSW$50.00  Out of Print

From the Ground Up - Victoria

  • Covers every aspect of creating and maintaining a beautiful garden
  • Specifically designed for Victorian gardeners, this book provides information on propagating new plants, making compost, planting, pruning, watering, fertilising, garden design and practical tips on pests and diseases
  • Beautiful colour photos throughout
  • 255 pages, hardback
  • Jane Edmanson
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From the Ground Up Vic$50.00  Out of Print


  • Journey through a series of twenty one inspiring, emotive and lyrical gardens by William Dangar
  • Each garden is photographed at its optimum moment - not when newly planted, but when nature has reasserted itself and there is a certain expressiveness, a sense of wildness, breaking through the original structure and order
  • Each project is described through Will's frank perspective, chronicling the challenges, the planting choices, the collaborations, the relationships and the joy that make these gardens significant
  • 270 pages, hardback
  • William Dangar
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Garden and Terrace

  • Garden and Terrace - The Big Book of Ideas is a veritable treasure chest of design ideas for all garden styles and sizes
  • Highlights the most beautiful European gardens with stunning colour photos
  • Includes sections on planting ideas and green impulses, garden elements with character, original eye catchers and accents, subtle play with colours, forms and textures, and sensual caresses
  • 255 pages, hardback
  • Gisela Keil, Jurgen Becker, Modeste Herwig
  • Click on image to see further details
Garden and Terrace$80.00 

Garden Design Close Up

  • Showcases 100 exceptional gardens from around the globe
  • Providing inspiration for everyone looking to give their garden a modern makeover, this extensively illustrated book examines the key features of each design in close-up, photographic detail
  • Includes creations by leading British and international landscape architects such Dan Pearson, Anthony Paul and Martha Schwartz
  • 432 pages, hardback
  • Emma Reuss
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Garden Design Close Up$50.00 

Garden Design Solutions

  • Award winning garden designer Stephen Woodhams demonstrates how to make the most of any outside space
  • Illustrated with many photos and plans of some of his award winning gardens
  • Provides advice on everything from conceiving a theme and planning the space, to choosing surfaces and devising a planting scheme
  • Case studies offer detailed insights into exemplary garden layouts, design choices and planting plans
  • 192 pages, hardback
  • Stephen Woodhams
  • Click on image to see further details
Garden Design Solutions$55.00 

Garden Life

  • Leading landscape designer and co-owner of Garden Life, Richard Unsworth shares his boundless enthusiasm for all things gree
  • Showcases to-die-for gardens Richard has designed, each displaying his unique flair and vision
  • Provides expert tips on incorporating features from his gardens into your own, including detailed advice on plant selection and growing your own fruit and vegetables
  • Also shares the garden journeys of the people Richard has met along the way
  • 218 pages, hardback
  • Richard Unsworth
  • Click on image to see further details
Garden Life$50.00 

Garden Love

  • It all began when Simon Griffiths decided that he and his whippet couldn't live in his tiny but gorgeous one-up one-down shopfront in Albert Park any more. He had a yearning for open spaces, country air and, most importantly, a garden of his own
  • On finding his cottage in Meadowbank, and trialling different plants, he gradually became part of the secret gardening network. The one where cuttings are exchanged between friends and planting successes and failures are recounted over neighbourhood fences
  • Simon is a brilliant photographer, bringing warmth and joy to all his subjects, but he is also a very knowledgeable plantsman. In this book he has captured his favourite 20 country-style gardens and shares the knowledge he has gleaned from fellow garden lovers
  • 298 pages, hardback
  • Simon Griffiths
  • Click on image to see further details
Garden Love$60.00 

The Garden of Ideas

  • Provides a history of Australian garden design, from the imaginings of emigrant garden makers of the late 18th century to the concerns of 21st century gardeners
  • Contains paintings, drawings, prints, plans and photographs of Australian garden history, which many images never before published
  • 243 pages, hardback
  • Richard Aitken
  • Click on image to see further details
Garden of Ideas$65.00 

Garden Pests, Diseases and Good Bugs

  • The most comprehensive guide to garden pests and diseases in Australia
  • Over 750 photographs to help identify the good, bad and ugly in your garden with ease
  • Features natural and non-toxic solutions as well as chemical controls
  • Over 150 pest insects and other pests described in detail along with the good bugs needed to get rid of them
  • 464 pages, paperback
  • Denis Crawford
  • Click on image to see further details
Garden Pests, Diseases & Good Bugs$40.00 

Garden Plants & Flowers in Aust

  • Create a garden that looks wonderful all year round with this photographic guide, packed with all the information you need to help you choose the best plants for every season
  • From shrubs and climbers to bulbs and grasses, you'll find every kind of plant for every corner of your garden, with an A-Z of thousands of plants to pick from
  • Includes tried and tested expert advice on cultivating perfect plants in any situation
  • 352 pages, hardback
  • Ian Spence
  • Click on image to see further details
Garden Plants & Flowers in Australia$50.00 

Garden Seed Saving Guide

  • Easy to understand beginner's guide takes you step by step through every aspect of saving your own open pollinated heirloom garden seeds
  • Describes which seeds are easiest to save, isolation and easy hand-pollination techniques, ways to keep seeds from cross-pollinating, the right way to harvest, clean and store seeds at home, how to ensure seed viability and test germination rates, and why saving seeds preserves genetic diversity
  • 58 pages, paperback, text only
  • Jill Henderson
  • Click on image to see further details
Garden Seed Saving Guide$20.00 

The Garden Source

  • Must have sourcebook for anyone with a garden looking for design ideas
  • Over 850 colour photos by leading photographer Andrea Jones are cleverly arranged to offer the reader thousands of possible design solutions
  • Includes gardens from all over the world by some of the very best garden designers
  • Broken into four sections - Connect, Divide, Space and Style
  • 336 pages, paperback
  • Andrea Jones
  • Click on image to see further details
Garden Source$55.00 

The Garden Wanderer

  • Provides an armchair ride through some hidden treasures in gardens in the south-western Australia region
  • Twenty stunning gardens from grand visions to pristine bush properties are presented
  • Each garden includes a detailed description and pages of colour photos of the garden
  • 166 pages, hardback
  • Julie Kinney
  • Click on image to see further details
Garden Wanderer$44.00 

Gardens on the Edge

  • In breathtaking images and insightful essays, this book explores 18 Australian gardens that are defined by extraordinary horizons
  • Each of the featured landscapes - from every state and territory, from outback to city - is situated on the edge of a natural frontier: rainforest, desert, bushland, river, mountain range, volcanic crater lake, coast, harbour, saltbush plains
  • Celebrates the imagination and resilience of those who have met the challenges of creating, reconstructing or restoring their vision splendid, and reveals the diversity and character of the Australian continent
  • 288 pages, hardback
  • Christine Reid
  • Click on image to see further details
Gardens on the Edge$60.00 

Gardener’s Companion to Eucalypts

  • Popular and practical book identifies more than 140 species of commonly grown or seen eucalypts
  • Each major species entry describes the plant, gives its range, summarises its diagnostic features, outlines its horticultural requirements and discusses related species
  • Full colour photos of the tree and flowers are provided
  • 303 pages, paperback with plastic cover
  • Ivan Holliday and Geoffrey Watton
  • Click on image to see further details
Gard. Companion to Eucs$35.00 

Gardener's Companion to Medicinal Plants

  • Combines more than 270 beautifully illustrated plants used for their medicinal properties and 24 practical projects for homemade teas, oils, tinctures and creams with a tradition of safe use
  • Many of our most important drugs are derived from plants and many more are yet to be discovered: much research in this area is overseen by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew where the book's three authors are employed
  • This contemporary book offers a fresh take on the 5000 year-old tradition of recording plants with medicinal value and with life-changing benefits
  • Lots of colour photos throughout
  • 224 pages, hardback
  • Monique Simmonds, Melanie-Jayne Howes and Jason Irving
  • Click on image to see further details
Gard Companion to Medicinal Plants$30.00 

Gardener’s Companion to Weeds

  • The complete guide to identifying and controlling more than 150 common weeds and invasive plants throughout Australia
  • Includes full-colour photographs and hints on positive uses for weeds
  • Listed alphabetically by botanical name for easy reference with clear colour pictures for positive identification
  • 2001 edition, reprinted 2005
  • 240 pages, paperback (plastic cover)
  • Suzanne Ermert & Leigh Clapp
  • Click on image to see further details
Gard Companion to Weeds$35.00 

Gardener's Guide to Succulents

  • Visual reference identifying over 125 plans from 40 different genera of succulents and cacti
  • Basic information is given on what each genus needs and where it thrives
  • Plant descriptions plus ratings on ease of growth and maintenance help gardeners select the right varieties
  • Separate section shows ideas for group plantings and includes illustrated tips on indoor planting
  • Striking colour photos show plants rich in colour and contrast
  • 96 pages, hardback
  • Misa Matsuyama
  • Click on image to see further details
Gard Guide to Succulents$27.00 

Gardener’s Q&A

  • The ultimate gardening problem solver
  • Contains 500 of the questions most commonly asked by gardeners worldwide, with each one answered by experts
  • Questions split into 4 main chapters: The Basics, Landscape Gardening, Flower Gardening, and Food Gardening, and subsections including Climate & Weather, Composting, Lawns & Ground Covers, Roses, Bulbs, Fruits, and Herbs
  • 256 pages, hardback with colour photos throughout
  • Click on image to see further details
Gardener's Q&A$45.00 

Gardening Down-Under

  • Classic best selling guide to healthier soils and plants
  • Covers the basics of soil, composting, fertilisers and potting mixes, as well as simple tests and colour guides to nutrient deficiencies
  • Enables the reader to improve the worst of soils, choose the best fertiliser for particular plants and minimise water use
  • Also contain a comprehensive guide to managing potted plants
  • 292 pages, paperback
  • Kevin Handreck
  • Click on image to see further details
Gardening Down Under$50.00 

Gardening Through The Year

  • Authoritative and easy to use gardener's companion to the horticultural year in Australia
  • Feature more than 1300 seasonal tasks for every part of the garden, including checklists of monthly tasks plus get ahead and last chance features to best make use of your time
  • Inspirational projects for every month - from creating a small pond feature to making a cold frame - help you upgrade your garden or make maintenance easier
  • Over 1000 photographs including a gallery of star plants for each month, plus expert advice on cultivation
  • 384 pages, paperback
  • Ian Spence
  • Click on image to see further details
Gardening Through the Year$35.00 

Gardens of Eden

  • Brings together over 50 of the world’s most beautiful gardens from Persia, Italy, France, UK, Japan, Australia and many more
  • Featuring over 500 photographs and detailed descriptions of each garden, this book provides inspiration to gardeners
  • 339 pages, softback
  • Holly Kerr Forsyth
  • Click on image to see further details
Gardens of Eden$45.00 

Gardens of the National Trust

  • A celebration of and visual guide to the UK National Trust's garden treasures
  • Completely revised new edition includes vivid descriptions of the National Trust's unparalleled collections of gardens, accompanied by stunning new photography
  • Also includes practical advice on key aspects of gardening from the Trust's head gardeners
  • 424 pages, hard back
  • Stephen Lacey
  • Click on image to see further details
Gardens of the National Trust$60.00 

Good Gardens with Less Water

  • Practical guide to gardening with limited water
  • Beautifully illustrated, full colour book provides a wealth of information including improving soil structure to maximise water retention, selecting drought tolerant native and exotic plants, how much water to apply, best lawn grass for climates and rainwater harvesting
  • 166 pages, softback
  • Kevin Handreck, CSIRO Publishing
  • Click on image to see further details
Good Gardens Less Water$35.00 

Grafting & Budding

  • Comprehensive and clearly written practical guide to all the grafting and budding techniques a professional or home gardener is likely to require
  • Describes a brief history, explains how grafting works and shows why it is the preferred technique for nursery propagation
  • Presents step-by-step instructions with more than 60 sketches and photographs
  • 102 pages, paperback
  • WJ Lewis & D McE Alexander
  • Click on image to see further details
Grafting & Budding$40.00 

Grafting & Budding for Aust Gardeners

  • Provides instruction for developing skills in the various grafting methods and constructive ideas for using those skills
  • Culmination of over 40 years experimenting in grafting and budding in Australia
  • Using the methods and approaches described, gardeners can successfully graft at any time of the year using a greater variety of scion material that previously though possible
  • Includes lots of colour photos and diagrams
  • 146 pages, paperback
  • Allen Gilbert
  • Click on image to see further details
Grafting & Budding for Aust Gard$30.00 

Grand Melbourne Gardens

  • Describes over 40 Melbourne gardens, each with its own distinct personality
  • Every garden in the book has it own atmosphere and soul, largely reflecting the passions of the person who created or maintains it
  • There are clivia walks, ancient English oak trees, rose gardens, exotic courtyards, city rooftop wonderlands and bold, terraced garden beds
  • Architectural, romantic, sculptural, original and experimental, these gardens - all of them horticulturally rigorous - open up a world of inspiration for gardeners everywhere
  • 212 pages, hardback
  • David Wilkinson and Kimbal Baker
  • Click on image to see further details
Grand Melbourne Gardens$70.00 

Grasses of Coastal NSW

  • An easy to use reference to the grasses of coastal NSW, including the methods of identifying species
  • Includes chapters on flowerhead structure, plant structure, spikelet structure, glossary, spike or raceme, digitate or subdigitate, primary axis of racemes, panicle, spatheate and hidden
  • Includes colour photographs for each species and notes on appearance and management
  • 184 pages, ringbound
  • Click on image to see further details
Grasses of Coastal NSW$20.00  Out of Print

Grasses of NSW Tablelands

  • An easy to use reference to the grasses of the NSW tablelands, including the methods of identifying species
  • Includes chapters on flowerhead structure, plant structure, spikelet structure, glossary, spike or raceme, digitate or subdigitate, primary axis of racemes, panicle, spatheate and hidden
  • Includes colour photographs for each species and notes on appearance and management
  • 176 pages, ringbound
  • Click on image to see further details
Grasses of NSW Tablelands$20.00 

Grasses of the NSW Slopes

  • An easy to use reference to the common grasses of the NSW slopes and adjoining plains, including the methods of identifying species
  • Includes chapters on flowerhead structure, plant structure, spikelet structure, glossary, spike or raceme, digitate or subdigitate, primary axis of racemes, panicle, spatheate and hidden
  • Includes colour photographs for each species and notes on appearance and management
  • 170 pages, ringbound
  • Click on image to see further details
Grasses of the NSW Slopes$25.00 


  • Popular television host Brendan Moar unveils the secrets and design potential of climate-conscious gardening
  • Presents a behind the scenes look at Brendan’s makeover of twelve Australian gardens
  • Primarily driven by eco-friendly choices, these gardens are designer gardens tailored to the owners’ lifestyles
  • 271 pages, paperback
  • Brendan Moar
  • Click on image to see further details

The Green Gardener

  • Provides a practical and down-to-earth approach to creating a productive, planet-friendly back garden
  • Discusses how to save energy through climate-conscious garden design and material selection, create habitat for wildlife, composting and recycling, grow your own fruit and vegetables and save water by correct plant selection
  • 138 pages, paperback
  • Josh Byrne
  • Click on image to see further details
The Green Gardener$35.00 

Grow Vegetables

  • Whether you have a large garden or room for just a couple of pots, this book provides advice on the easiest to grow and most prolific varieties for your site and conditions
  • Includes more than 80 types of vegetables, salads and herbs, including rare and heritage types
  • With step-by-step sequences, planting calendars, care tips and gardener's know how, this book has all the practical advice you need to raise your own crops
  • 352 pages, paperback
  • Alan Buckingham and Jennifer Wilkinson
  • Click on image to see further details
Grow Vegetables$35.00 

Grow Your Own

  • Become one of the world's 200 million urban farmers with this definitive guide to growing food in the city
  • Whether you are growing herbs in a window box or harvesting carrots from a community garden, this book will teach you how to identify suitable crops and the nutrients they require to thrive, set up healthy soil, and create many styles of productive garden beds
  • Propagation, drainage and composting are well covered, as are tackling pests and diseases, establishing worm farms, and keeping chickens and bees
  • 264 pages, paperback
  • Angus Stewart and Simon Leake
  • Click on image to see further details
Grow Your Own$45.00 

Grow Your Own Botanicals

  • This inspirational collection of plants can be grown in any size garden - from a windowsill upwards!
  • They range from essential herbs such as rosemary, lemon verbena and thyme to Chilean guava, marsh mallow and liquorice
  • As well as adding beauty and structure to your plot they can all be used innovative ways in the kitchen and home, from growing your own gin botanicals to making hibiscus cordial for cocktails
  • 208 pages, paperback
  • Cinead McTernan
  • Click on image to see further details
Grow Your Own Botanicals$33.00 

Grow Your Own Bushfoods

  • Comprehensive and practical guide to growing and harvesting more than 140 kinds of Australian bushfoods right in your own backyard
  • Detailed plant profiles describe ideal growing conditions and characteristics of each species
  • Includes bushfood directory which lists suppliers of catalogues, seeds and seedlings, as well as native plant gardens open for inspection
  • 139 pages, paperback
  • Keith and Irene Smith
  • Click on image to see further details
Grow Your Own Bushfoods$29.00 

Growing Australian Native Plants from Seed

  • Comprehensive guide on all aspects of growing native plants from seed for small and large scale revegetation, tree planting or direct seeding projects
  • Information is provided on seed germination, growing seedlings in containers and species suitable for direct seeding
  • Specific details are provided on propagating over one thousand native plant genera and thousands of individual species
  • 156 pages, paperback
  • Murray Ralph
  • ISBN 0646428667
  • Click on image to see further details
Grow Aust Nat Plants from Seed$30.00 

Growing Australian Natives

  • Provides detailed information on successfully growing Australian natives
  • Part 1 provides all the basic information, including choosing correct plants, landscaping with natives, caring, taking cuttings and tackling problems
  • Part 2 is an extensive plant encyclopedia that covers all the main genera of Australia plants, their habits and cultivation requirements
  • 252 pages, paperback
  • John Mason
  • Click on image to see further details
Growing Aust Natives$35.00 

Growing Bromeliads

  • Describes how and where to grow over 200 Bromeliad species and hybrids, and details ten of the most popular genera with brief notes on the more unusual genera
  • Provides an overview of the Bromeliad family, including a history of cultivation
  • Separate chapters discuss propagation and their unique biology
  • 135 pages, paperback
  • Bromeliad Society of Australia Inc
  • Click on image to see further details
Growing Bromeliads$30.00 

Growing Outback Gardens

  • Provides information on developing attractive gardens that can cope with harsh outback Australian conditions
  • New ideas, technologies and local expertise are combined with age old methods to manage outback gardens and precious water
  • Describes the most suitable plants for harsh conditions and how to plan your garden to maximise results and minimise water requirements
  • 116 pages, softback
  • Mike Chuk and Jeff Poole
  • Click on image to see further details
Growing Outback Gardens$20.00 

Guide to Pasture Species in NSW

  • This guide to pasture species in NSW includes descriptions and colour photos of useful temperate and tropical legume and grass species
  • Also includes chapters on pasture selection, establishment, management and grazing systems
  • 144 pages, paperback
  • Click on image to see further details
Guide to Pasture Species$30.00 

Guide to Southern Temperate Seagrasses

  • Describes the exceptionally diverse seagrasses in the temperate parts of the southern hemisphere
  • Introduces readers to the evolution, biology and ecology of the southern temperate seagrasses and presents a visual key to allow species identification using easily recognisable features
  • Distinctive features of each species is summarised with brief notes about their taxonomy, reproduction and ecology
  • 108 pages, paperback
  • Michelle Waycott, Kathryn McMahon and Paul Lavery
  • Click on image to see further details
Southern Temperate Seagrasses$30.00