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Hakeas: A Field and Garden Guide

  • First fully comprehensive book on hakeas
  • Features all 148 species and 15 subspecies known
  • Invaluable reference for botanists and provides cultivation notes for gardeners to assist in selection and care
  • 224 pages, paperback
  • Ivan Holliday
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Hakeas: Field & Garden Guide$30.00 

Happy Bonsai

  • Begin your lifelong love affair with the mindful art of bonsai
  • Guides you along the path to bonsai enlightenment, with care and display profiles for 40 top trees and fully illustrated how-tos of more than 20 bonsai techniques and styles
  • Find your perfect tree and discover how to prune, shape, and tend to its needs to create a beautiful living sculpture
  • 144 pages, hardback
  • Michael Tran
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Happy Bonsai$20.00 

Happy Cactus

  • Featuring over 100 popular cacti and succulents, this book provides practical advice about where to position your plant, how to help it flower, and when to water and feed it
  • Showing you what makes your cactus or succulent unique and how it might behave when treated with a little love, this is your essential guide to pleasing your prickly plant
  • Broken into two sections - the basics and plant profiles
  • 144 pages, hardback
  • John Pilbeam
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Happy Cactus$20.00 

High Elevation Mixed Species Silviculture in Vic

  • A consolidation of ecological, silvical and silvicultural knowledge of high elevation mixed species in Victoria, accumulated over the past 40 years
  • Describes the general features, distribution, ecosystem, seed production, seedling establishment & survival, crown and root systems, silvicultural systems and practices for various outcomes and reforestation & remedial regeneration
  • 112 pages, paperback
  • Ian Sebire and Peter Fagg
  • Department of Sustainability & Environment
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High Elev Mixed Species$27.50 

Honey & Pollen Flora of SE Australia

  • Understanding the biology of flora and its value to honey bees is core knowledge for successful beekeeping. Bees feed on nectar and pollen
  • Beekeepers need to know the floral resources around them, and the nutritional value of those resources to bees, to keep their bee colonies healthy
  • This publication focuses on the value of plants to nectarivores, and honey bees in particular. The result of over 30 years of research, it distills both scientific knowledge and the opinions of hundreds of beekeepers into a reference work that will be the cornerstone of floral understanding in apiculture for years to come
  • A terrific reference book on flowering plants, with lots of photos, identification features and distribution maps
  • 676 pages, hardback
  • NSW DPI, Doug Somerville
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Honey & Pollen Flora of SE Australia$175.00 

Indoor Edible Garden

  • Shows how to grow your own indoor edible garden that produces delicious indoor crops that also look great
  • Learn how to make the most of your indoor space and light, find out which plants to grow and how to care for them and brighten your interiors with attractive plant projects
  • With easy step-by-step projects, and detailed descriptions of planting requirements for Australian homes, this book has all the information you need to start growing
  • 222 pages, hardback
  • Zia Allaway
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Indoor Edible Garden$40.00 

Indoor Green Living with Plants

  • For centuries plants have transformed interiors and today houseplants are again experiencing a revival
  • Bree Claffey of Mr Kitly journeys into the worlds of fellow plant lovers to explore the enduring attraction of house plants
  • From the ever reliable Peace Lily and beguiling Fiddle Leaf Fig to the elusive Chinese Money Plant, houseplants are showcased in all their weird and wonderful forms
  • More than good looking props, plants are living growing things rooted in community and creativity and as this book celebrates, houseplants are a way of life
  • 206 pages, paperback
  • Bree Claffey with photography by Lauren Bamford
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Indoor Green Living with Plants$35.00 

Key Guide to Australian Rainforest Plants

  • An authoritative reference work and indispensible guide to the rainforest flora of Australia
  • More than 300 commonly observed species from rainforests around Australia
  • Each plant is illustrated and described in clear, concise language
  • Distribution maps accompany every species
  • Includes an introduction to the different rainforest types
  • 181 pages, softcover
  • Leonard Cronin
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Key Gde Aust RF Plants$35.00 

Key Guide to Australian Trees

  • 325 Australian trees described in an easy-to-use field guide
  • Beautiful colour illustrations and distribution maps
  • Visual key for fast and simple identification
  • 191 pages, paperback
  • Revised 2007 Edition
  • Leonard Cronin
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Key Guide to Aust Trees$35.00 

Kitchen Garden - A Beginner’s Guide

  • Provides all the information needed to start your own kitchen garden in your backyard, courtyard or balcony
  • Focusses on growing fruit and vegetables, describing types, how to grow, pests and diseases, sowing and planting, watering and harvest
  • Includes colour photos and useful links
  • 135 pages, paperback
  • Bruce Morphett
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Kitchen Garden$20.00 

Kitchen Garden Companion

  • Follow in the footsteps of one of Australia's best loved cooks and food writers as she shares her experiences and the secrets of rewarding kitchen gardening
  • Detailed gardening notes explain how you can plant, grow and harvest 73 different vegetables, herbs and fruit
  • Whether you have a large plot in a suburban backyard or a few pots on a balcony, you will find everything you need to get your kitchen garden started
  • 378 pages, paperback
  • Stephanie Alexander
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Kitchen Garden Companion$50.00 

Kitchen Gardens of Aust

  • Describes 18 diverse kitchen gardens across Australia, with garden plans, a brief history, and a description of the people who tend it and how they have overcome various challenges
  • Stunning photography by Simon Griffiths
  • This book will inspire and motivate gardeners at all levels
  • 224 pages, paperback
  • Kate Herd
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Kitchen Gardens of Aust$40.00 

Let’s Propagate

  • Plant propagation manual for Australia by one of Australia’s foremost authorities on propagation
  • Explains propagation from first principles to the latest sophisticated techniques
  • Includes propagation from stem cuttings, leaf cuttings, root cuttings, seed, layering, division and separation, budding and grafting, and plant tissue culture
  • 282 pages, paperback
  • Angus Stewart
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Let's Propagate!$35.00 

Life on the Rocky Shores

  • Handy pocket guide enables everyone to appreciate the diversity and beauty of life on south-eastern Australia’s rocky shores
  • This indispensable guide includes colour photographs, descriptions and ecological notes for 96 of the more common animals and plants found on rocky shores in SE Australia
  • 128 pages, paperback pocket size
  • CM Porter, GC Wescott & GP Quinn
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Life on the Rocky Shores$18.50 

The Little Veggie Patch Co

  • Describes how to create your own veggie patch in any space
  • Discusses fundamentals such as soil, climate, watering, composting, worm farms, saving and sowing seeds, raised garden beds and crates - each with fully illustrated step-by-step plans
  • A complete A-Z of edible plants provides vital information on more than 40 vegetables and fruit trees, including detailed planning information, ongoing maintenance and tips on best companions and when to harvest
  • 225 pages, paperback
  • Fabian Capomolla and Mat Pember
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The Little Vegie Patch Co$45.00 

Living with Air Plants

  • Requiring no soil - just some spritzing, soaking, the right sunshine and good air circulation - air plants work I just about any space
  • Showing everything from basic cultivation to creative display, this handbook and reference provides information on:
    - various types and their characteristics
    - growth cycles and preferred environments
    - selecting and maintenance
    - propagating/dividing
    - providing creative and healthy habitats
  • 96 pages, hardback
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Living with Air Plants$30.00 

Log Volume Tables

  • Pocket and A5 size log volume ready reckoner for calculating the volume of logs based on centre diameter and log length
  • Tables of log volume in cubic metres from lengths between 1.5 and 15m in 0.3m increments and diameters between 15cm and 158cm
  • Spiral bound for ease of use
  • Pocket size is 11cm x 15cm, A5 size is 15.5cm x 21cm
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Log Volume Tables Pocket$30.00 
Log Volume Tables A5$30.00 

Macoboy's Roses

  • Modern day classic of some 1500 roses grouped by type: Wild Roses, Old Garden Roses, Modern Roses and Miniatures and Mini-flora
  • Each rose has a description with appearance, origin and history, growing requirements and a colour photo
  • Additional information covers classification, colour class, alternative names, breeder, parentage, time of flowering, fragrance, habit, hardiness zones and awards
  • 488 pages, hardback
  • Stirling Macoboy, revised and updated by Tommy Cairns
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Stirling Macoboy's Roses$50.00 

Managing Weeds

  • This book is for people interested in managing weeds in the landscape, either for the protection of our natural resources and biodiversity, or for the protection of agricultural production and productivity
  • Includes chapters on are weeds a serious problem?, defining your weed problem, understanding your weeds, managing your weed problem, non-chemical weed control methods, chemical weed control and making an action plan
  • A practical guide to help you design successful weed management programs
  • 105 pages, A4 paperback
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Managing Weeds$25.00 

Marine Plants of Australia

  • Describes and illustrates over 300 species of Australia’s underwater plant life, with photographs and cellular layer drawings
  • Fully referenced and has numerous descriptions and line drawings detailing many of the intricacies of this complex group of plants
  • Invaluable identification guide
  • 300 pages, hardback
  • John M Huisman
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Marine Plants of Australia$82.00 

Melaleucas - A Field & Garden Guide

  • Describes over 250 Melaleuca species, subspecies, varieties and forms
  • Contains colour photographs, detailed descriptions and drawings for each species
  • Includes notes on suitable conditions and cultivation
  • 328 pages, paperback
  • Ivan Holliday, 2nd Edition, published 2004
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Melaleucas - FG$37.00 

Microgreen Garden

  • Microgreens, the tender, young seedlings of herbs, vegetables, beans, seeds, and grains, contain four to six times the vitamins and phyto-nutrients found in mature leaves of the same plants
  • Explains everything you need to know to grow microgreens at home, both inexpensively and easily
  • Provides detailed how-to instructions for selecting seeds and soil, along with guidance on proper temperature, light, and ventilation
  • Includes colour photos of a wide variety of micro greens at different stages of growth
  • 106 pages, paperback
  • Mark Mathew Braunstein
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Microgreen Garden$27.00 

Microgreens Growing Guide

  • Microgreens are an innovative way to grow healthy and tasty food in your own home or apartment
  • Considered functional foods, microgreens differ from sprouts in that they are not just germinating seeds but actual photosynthesising plants that are allowed to develop 2-4 mature leaves
  • Both soil and hydroponic growing methods are presented with step-by-step illustrations
  • 28 Microgreen seeds are discussed in detail
  • A4 size, 8-page, fold-out laminated chart
  • Stefan Mager
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Microgreens Growing Guide$12.00 

Miniature Bonsai

  • Reveals the Japenese art of super-mini bonsai gardening, showing how to create exquisite super-min bonsai that last for years with the right care
  • Explains how to select the right plants, work with seeds and small cuttings, match the right plant with the right pot, buy and prepare the growing medium, maintain and train your bonsai and how to display and enjoy your prized bonsai
  • 80 pages, hardback
  • Terutoshi Iwai
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Miniature Bonsai$25.00 

Miniature Terrariums

  • Ideas book for creating little gardens in repurposed glass containers - lab flasks, wine glass, mason jar or an inexpensive glass box or hanging bulb
  • Learn how to create moss and fern terrariums, air plant terrariums, terrariums with succulents and captivating combinations of flowering plants, dry zone plants, mosses, epiphytes and other mixes
  • Included are tips for selecting your containers and arranging your soils, stones and plants so that your tiny garden stays healthy and beautiful in its glass home for many years to come
  • 96 pages, hardback
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Miniature Terrariums$25.00 

Modern Arboriculture

  • Detailed reference book on the care and maintenance of trees
  • Includes detailed discussion and diagrams of all major tree components, pruning, wounds, treatment and more
  • 423 pages, hardback
  • Published 1991
  • Dr Alex Shigo
  • ISBN 0943563097
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Modern Arboriculture$160.00 

The Mulch Book

  • Explains what mulch is, where to get it, how it works and how to use it
  • Provides an A-Z of mulch, which describes many different mulch materials and their uses, together with mulching techniques
  • Tips on how to mulch gardens and which mulches provide the best look for a particular area
  • 108 pages, paperback, new 2011 edition
  • Mary Horsfall
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The Mulch Book$28.00 

My Gardening Year

  • Fully updated edition of Shirley Stackhouse’s classic book
  • Shirley shares stories about her own garden as she provides all the commonsense advice a gardener needs, from flowering and plantng times, dealing with pests, weeds and diseases, to general cultivation such as pruning and fertilising
  • Organised month by month, the book also provides information about drought, climate change and sustainability
  • 351 pages, paperback
  • Shirley Stackhouse
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My Gardening Year$45.00 


  • Explores the wondrous versatility and captivating beauty of Australia's plants far beyond the familiar bush garden aesthetic
  • Offers planting palettes and design themes, gardening techniques and inspiration for an original and exciting perspective on the very best form, flowers and foliage of Australian plants
  • Kate Herd takes an adventurous approach to planting her urban and country gardens, experimenting with pruning and training a variety of native plants. Jela Ivankovic-Waters experience of WA bushland, desert and coastal landscapes allowed her to appreciate how widely native species could be used I all sorts of places and ways
  • 216 pages, hardback
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Native$50.00  Out of Print

Native Eucalypts of South Aust

  • Describes all 103 known native eucalypt species and sub-species in South Australia
  • Information of each species is provided in a double page and includes:
    - images of the habit, bark, buds, flowers and fruits
    - seedling painting by Ian Roberts
    - detailed distribution map in SA
    - meaning and origin of name
    - original naming and type information
    - characteristic features
    - distribution and habitat - cultivation and uses
    - notes on interesting populations and trees
    - detailed botanical description
  • 238 pages, paperback
  • Dean Nicolle
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Native Eucs of SA$35.00 

Native Plant or Weed

  • Pick the difference between native plants and weeds in NSW
  • Full colour side-by-side photos of weed and native 'look alikes' with explanatory notes
  • An essential field guide for land carers, farmers and bush regenerators in coastal and high-rainfall areas in NSW
  • 68 pages, A4 spiralbound
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Native Plant or Weed$24.00 

Native Plant or Weed Vol 2

  • Volume 2 of pick the difference between native plants and weeds in NSW
  • Full colour side-by-side photos of weed and native 'look alikes' with explanatory notes
  • An essential field guide for land carers, farmers and bush regenerators in coastal and high-rainfall areas in NSW
  • 72 pages, A4 spiralbound
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Native Plant or Weed Vol 2$24.00 

Native Plants of the Sydney Region

  • Covering an area from Nowra-Newcastle and west to the Great Dividing Range, this detailed guide describes common and remote area species found in the Sydney area
  • Contains descriptions of over 1400 plant species with many colour photos and revised names
  • Fully updated 2010 edition
  • 614 pages, paperback
  • Alan Fairley & Philip Moore
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Nat Plants of the Syd Reg$60.00 

Native Trees & Shrubs of SE Aust

  • Covers an area that stretches from the Flinders and Mt Lofty Ranges in South Australia, across Victoria and southern New South Wales to the NSW South Coast
  • It records the land and its vegetation in a scientifically accurate, but accessible, style
  • Almost all species of native trees and larger shrubs in this area are described, and their occurrences are related to the features of their environment, events of the past, geology, landforms, soil, and climatic conditions
  • Every species is illustrated and accompanied by a distribution map, with concise descriptive information
  • Includes more then 300 colour and over 160 black and white photos
  • The brief descriptions of places of special interest, as well as the eight regional 'guide-lists' that cover the coast, hills and ranges, high-mountain country, and various inland areas, assist anyone exploring such regions to identify the trees and shrubs
  • 440 pages, paperback, 2019 reprint
  • Leon Costermans
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Native Trees & Shrubs SE Aust$47.00 

Naturalists Guide to Birds of Aust

  • Easy to use identification guide to 280 Australian birds, including the most commonly seen and rare endemic species
  • Provides identifying features, distribution, habits, habitats, size, common and scientific name for each species
  • Overview of climate, vegetation, biogeography and the main birding sites
  • 176 pages, paperback
  • Dean Ingwersen
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Naturalists Guide to Birds$25.00 

Nature Conservation on Farms

  • Nature conservation is about keeping, or bringing back, a wide range of plants, animals and other organisms on your farm that will contribute to its health, productivity and appeal
  • This book contains chapters on the benefits of nature conservation on your property, what is an ecosystem?, describing the flora and fauna in your area, agriculture - the quiet invasion of changing succession, where have all the flowers (and other species) gone?, measuring the health of habitat, managing flora and fauna on your farm and case studies
  • 130 pages, A4 paperback
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Nature Conservation on Farms$36.00 

New Australian Garden

  • Insider's account of the journey to design, construct and plant 18 landmark gardens that represent a new movement in Australian landscape design
  • Landscaper Michael Bates, working alone and in conjunction with some of the greatest design talents in the field, creates spaces that connect indoor to outdoor through masterful use of levels, innovative materials and experimental planting
  • Traditional lawns are reimagined as contoured sculptural forms, and water and fire pits inject life and energy into open spaces
  • 296 pages, hardback
  • Michael Bates
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The New Australian Garden$60.00 

New Nordic Gardens

  • The Nordic countries are admired for their modern design sophistication, but their contemporary gardens and landscapes are less well known
  • Against a backdrop of deep winters, long summer days and raking light, the Scandinavian countries have produced particular responses to planting, landscaping and the relationship between home and garden
  • Featuring the most inspiring examples in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland, this book brings new ideas for creating modern outdoor spaces no matter where you live
  • 288 pages, hardback
  • Annika Zetterman
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New Nordic Gardens$60.00 

The New Ornamental Garden

  • Takes a fresh look at garden worthy plants for Australian conditions and shows how heat, cold, water availability, rainfall patterns, length of growing season, evaporation rate and humidity influence plant growth in Australia
  • Also discusses the influence of microclimates within a garden: dry sun, dry shade, moist sun, moist shade, seaside, exposed, urban and root competition
  • Included plant index contains notes on hundreds of plant varieties and how they function in the garden
  • Lots of colour photos
  • 268 pages, softback
  • Simon Rickard
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New Ornamental Garden$40.00 

A New Tree Biology

  • Facts, photos and figures on trees and their problems and proper care
  • A comprehensive guide to understanding trees and their care
  • Over 1000 black and white photos to accompany detailed text
  • 618 pages, hardback
  • Includes 132 page softcover "A New Tree Biology Dictionary"
  • Dr Alex Shigo
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A New Tree Biology$200.00 

Organic Farming - An Introduction

  • An introduction on how to farm in a way that cares for the environment, without using synthetic chemicals
  • Includes chapters on: an introduction to organic farming, converting to organics, soil fertility, composting, earthworms, compost worms, and certification
  • 164 pages, A4 paperback
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Organic Farming - An Introduction$36.00 

Organic Farming - Crops, Fruit & Veg

  • Details the principles of organic cropping plus extensive case studies for a range of enterprises such as soybeans, wheat, citrus, nuts, coffee, strawberries, tropical fruit, sheep, cattle, vegetables and many other examples
  • Introductory section in organic crops, including choosing a crop, growing the crop, pest and disease management, weed management, planning the organic orchard or crop and marketing
  • 98 pages, A4 paperback
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Organic Farming - Crops, Fruit & Veg$34.00 

The Organic Guide to Edible Gardens

  • Fully illustrated step-by-step guide to growing authentic produce at home, from purchasing seedlings, understanding the growth cycle, sourcing biological fertilisers, controlling pests and diseases and sustaining healthy, organic and edible plants
  • Includes an A-Z of edible plants
  • 207 pages, paperback
  • Jennifer Stackhouse and Debbie McDonald
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Org Guide to Edible Gardens$30.00 

Paradise and Plenty

  • Showcases the incredible productive garden at Lord Rothschild's private house, Eythrope in Buckinghamshire
  • This garden works on a scale that is now rare, producing year round fruit, vegetables and flowers for a country house where entertaining still takes place on a grand scale
  • Describes techniques used for preparing soil, growing herbs, pruning apple trees, training roses, planting bulbs in pots and propagating many different plants
  • 304 pages, hardback
  • Mary Keen with photos by Tom Hatton
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Paradise & Plenty$100.00 

Pasture "Weeds" of Coastal NSW

  • Easy reference guide to non-grass species such as ferns, sedges, rushes, legumes, daisies and orchids
  • This book is an update of a previous publication, Legumes and Herbs of Coastal NSW
  • Each species has photos to help recognise it, plus notes on appearance, where it grows, importance and management and similar species
  • 204 pages, spiralbound
  • Harry, Carol & Trevor Rose, NSW DPI
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Pasture Weeds of Coastal NSW$28.00 

Paul Bangay’s Garden Design Handbook

  • Paul Bangay shares his many secrets for successful garden design and construction
  • This books shows how to analyse a site, visualise a garden and use space, and decide on hard and soft landscaping options
  • Provides diagrams, step-by-step instructions, plant lists and colour photographs to document every aspect of garden building
  • 324 pages, hardback
  • Paul Bangay & photographs by Simon Griffiths
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Paul Bangay's Gard Des$70.00 

Paul Bangay’s Guide to Plants

  • The perfect companion to Paul Bangay’s Garden Design Handbook, this book provides information on which plants to use and where to plant them
  • Rich with anecdotes about what has worked best over the years, with a focus on plants for a changing climate, Paul showcases his "A-list" plants
  • Beautiful colour photos throughout complement Paul’s practical narrative
  • 376 pages, hardback
  • Revised and expanded 2015 edition
  • Paul Bangay & photographs by Simon Griffiths
  • Click on image to see further details
Paul Bangay Guide to Pl$60.00 

Paul Bangay's Small Garden Design

  • Paul Bangay is renowned for the expansive and elegant gardens with classical lines and symmetrical plantings that he has created in Australia and all over the world
  • In Small Garden Design, Paul applies his 25 years of experience with gardens of all sizes to reveal how best to structure, design and choose plants for small spaces
  • Includes chapters on Balconies & Terraces, Rooftops, Inner City, Lightwells and Courtyards
  • Beautifully photographed by Simon Griffiths and enhanced with lots of practical tips on plant types, paving, irrigation, soil, outdoor dining, lighting and making the space appear larger
  • 272 pages, hardback
  • Paul Bangay
  • Click on image to see further details
Small Garden Design$60.00 

Perfect Lawns

  • With this handy guide you'll be able to:
    - Design a lawn to suit your needs
    - Nourish it to optimum condition
    - Create a beautiful wildflower lawn
    - Combat pests and other challenges
    - Renovate a neglected patch
  • Written for the northern hemisphere, but switch seasons for Australian usage
  • 96 pages, hardback
  • Simon Akeroyd
  • Click on image to see further details
Perfect Lawns$13.00 

Perfect Pots

  • Learn the secrets of successful container gardening
  • With this handy guide you'll be able to:
    - Choose a pot to suit your style
    - Create vivid seasonal displays
    - Grow produce in quirky containers
    - Keep your indoor plants looking great
    - Make stunning window boxes, hanging baskets and water gardens
  • 96 pages, hardback
  • Simon Akeroyd
  • Click on image to see further details
Perfect Pots$13.00 

Perfect Pruning

  • Become an expert pruner in no time at all
  • With this handy guide you'll be able to:
    - Shape trees and bushes perfectly
    - Trim your hedges to perfection
    - Renovate tired and neglected shrubs
    - Keep your roses looking sublime
    - Get the best out of flowering climbers
  • 96 pages, hardback
  • Simon Akeroyd
  • Click on image to see further details
Perfect Pruning$13.00 

Perth Plants

  • Comprehensive photo guide to all plants known to occur in the bushlands of Kings Park and Bold Park, both native plants and naturalised weeds
  • 778 species included, representing approx one quarter of all the plants in the greater Perth district and one tenth of all species known for the south-west of Western Australia
  • Plant name, brief description, distribution map and colour photo provided for each
  • 424 pages, paperback
  • Russell Barrett and Eng Pin Tay
  • Click on image to see further details
Perth Plants$50.00 

Pests, Diseases, Ailments and Allies of Aust Plants

  • Authoritative reference book describes hundreds of introduced and native pests and diseases
  • A photo short-cut section at the start of the book and symptoms charts at the beginning of each chapter help the reader establish what is causing a problem
  • Each symptom is cross-referenced to the text, with colour photographs and detailed line drawings of pests, insect lifecyles and damage symptoms on plants to help identify the problem
  • 448 pages, paperback
  • David L Jones, W. Rodger Elliot and Sandra R Jones
  • Click on image to see further details
Pests, Diseases & Ailments$50.00 

Plan for Trees

  • Shows in detail how to re-establish trees and shrubs on your farm
  • Includes how to plan a revegetation program and assess existing remnant vegetation
  • Covers natural regeneration, collecting native seed, weed control and protecting revegetation areas from livestock, insects and other threats
  • 67 pages, A4 paperback
  • Click on image to see further details
Plan for Trees$34.00 

Plant Life of WA

  • First published in 1990, this book remains the only comprehensive description of the vegetation of Western Australia
  • Observing the WA landscape from an ecological botanist standpoint, this book examines entire landscapes, from plant species present and their arrangement into communities, underlying geology and soils, forms in mountains, hills and plains and the how, why, when these have come to be shaped as they are
  • 326 pages, hardback
  • JS Beard, edited by AS George and N Gibson
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Plant Life of WA$70.00  No ETA

Plant Synonyms

  • An excellent guide for anyone selling plants or keen gardeners
  • A useful guide to old plant synonyms and their new current botanical names
  • Includes an easy-to-use alphabetical format of the latest nomenclature for botanical names
  • UK publishing - 2006
  • 224 pages, paperback
  • Karen Platt
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Plant Synonyms$30.00 

Planting Techniques

  • Practical and easily accessible reference guide for the budding gardener
  • Includes information on selecting the right gardening tools, buying the healthiest plants, planting, repotting, pruning, fertilising, pest control and propagation
  • Step-by-step photographs and instructions on everything from propagation by layering to lawn mower maintenance
  • 192 pages, paperback
  • Jennifer Stackhouse and Debbie McDonald
  • Click on image to see further details
Planting Techniques$30.00 

Plants of Central Queensland

  • Provides information on the habit, distribution, foliage and fruits of 525 plant species, both native and introduced, of central Queensland
  • Informative notes highlighting declared, poisonous, weed and medicinal plants are included, and plants useful for bees and bush tucker are also noted
  • Easy-to-read, non-botanical format, with helpful photographs and distribution maps that greatly aid anyone interested in the vegetation of central Queensland
  • 576 pages, hardback
  • Eric Anderson
  • Click on image to see further details
Plants of Central Queensland$160.00 

Plants of NSW Rangelands

  • This glovebox guide is useful in the field to identify common and important plant species for pastoral management
  • Includes information on:
    - common and scientific name - family name - description - flowering information - habitat - distribution - native plant status - palatability to stock - full colour photographs for each plant to assist in identification
  • 157 pages, ringbound
  • Click on image to see further details
Plants of NSW Rangelands$25.00 

Plants of the Vic High Country

  • Plants of the Victorian High Country allows walkers with little botanical knowledge to identify plants they are likely to encounter along the popular tracks of Victoria's high country
  • Describes 133 plants from the montane, sub-alpine and alpine zones, categorising them into five groups: herbs, daisy herbs, low woody shrubs, tall shrubs and trees, and eucalypts
  • Features a glossary of botanical terms, straightforward identification keys, clear photos of the leaves, flowers and stems of the plant and notes on Aboriginal plant usage
  • 154 pages, paperback
  • John Murphy and Bill Dowling
  • Click on image to see further details
Plants of the Victorian High Country$40.00 

Pocket Guide to Hostas

  • Features 280 of the best new and old hostas each handpicked for its superb performance in the landscape
  • Descriptions include meticulous botanical details to aid in plant identification and selection, succinct cultivation notes, and brief comparisons to 545 similar and related hostas
  • Full colour photos throughout
  • 211 pages, softback
  • Diana Grenfell and Michael Shadrack
  • Click on image to see further details
Pkt Guide to Hostas$30.00 

Pole Saw Operation & Maintenance

  • This booklet describes how to use the various types of powered pole saws available
  • Includes how to transport and store, operate and maintain
  • Emphasis is given to fitting, tensioning and sharpening the chain
  • Also describes the safe operation of the machine and the recommended PPE
  • 70 pages, spiralbound
  • Click on image to see further details
Pole Saw Operation & Maint$20.00 

Practical Australian Gardener

  • Classic garden guide to growing vegetables, ornamentals, house plants, home orchards or landscaping a larger area
  • Includes a week by week plan of action for the whole year, with a revised index in this edition making it even easier to use
  • 214 pages, paperback
  • Peter Cundall
  • Click on image to see further details
Practical Australian Gardener$35.00 


  • Cacti and succulents are the plants of the moment - beautiful, affordable and, if you know how, easy to care for
  • This book provides all the knowledge you need to help your plants thrive, from a plant index showcasing all the weird and wonderful varieties available, to simple advice on how to choose, care for and style your plant for maximum impact
  • 224 pages, hardback
  • Gynelle Leon
  • Click on image to see further details

Private Native Forestry

  • A 'how-to' guide on assessing and managing your bush and its products for long-term profit and sustainability. Learn how to identify, measure and market timber products
  • Includes chapters on: what's in your forest?, how does your forest grow?, regeneration in the forest, thinning for better quality trees, managing your forest for non-timber values, assessing and measuring your forest, planning your forest operation and marketing your timber
  • 102 pages, A4 paperback
  • Click on image to see further details
Private Native Forestry$25.00 

Pruning for Flowers and Fruit

  • Provides details on correct pruning for flowers and fruit for plants growing in cool-temperate to subtropical climates, and is suitable for the home gardener, avid enthusiast as well as nursery trade and horticultural students
  • It includes annuals, ornamentals, vegetables, roses, perennials and hydrangeas, and fruit plants that can be pruned to fit in your back garden
  • Provides advice on selecting the best plants at the nursery, prune weather damaged plants, renovate ornamental or fruiting trees and shrubs, and maintain your secateurs like a professional
  • Lots of colour photos and diagrams
  • 212 pages, paperback
  • Jane Varkulevicius / CSIRO Publishing
  • Click on image to see further details
Pruning for Flowers & Fruit$40.00 

Pruning Simplified

  • New gardeners and green thumbs alike can prune with confidence using this detailed guide to the most popular plants in home gardens
  • Learn the best tools for each job, discover the ideal time to prune, and follow the step-by-step instructions to help your plants thrive
  • Profiles of 50 popular trees and shrubs - including azaleas, camellias, clematis and more - show how to trim and shape the plant correctly
  • 192 pages, paperback
  • Steven Bradley
  • Click on image to see further details
Pruning Simplified$35.00 

Rainforest Trees of Mainland South-Eastern Australia

  • Comprehensive reference book to all 402 rainforest tree species in NSW and Victoria, including some distribution extensions into QLD
  • Every species is illustrated with a detailed line drawing and its habit, bark, leaves, flowers, fruits, habitat, distribution, timber, uses and regeneration are described
  • A key to enable rapid identification is based on botanical features such as trunk, bark, branchlets and leaves
  • 2008 second edition, fully updated with new species, name changes and additional distribution information
  • 443 pages, hardcover
  • Alex Floyd
  • Click on image to see further details
Rainforest Trees$75.00 

Restoring Natural Areas in Aust

  • A practical handbook for managing natural areas
  • Written by Robin Buchanan, TAFE teacher and author of the classic text 'Bush Regeneration'
  • A lavishly illustrated colour publication covering all aspects of managing natural area restoration projects
  • Includes resilience, mapping, describing and assessing vegetation. Techniques for managing weeds, fire and responding to climate change
  • 264 pages, A4 paperback
  • Click on image to see further details
Restoring Natural Areas in Aust$44.00  Out of Print

Roses and Rose Gardens

  • Explores the rose's rich history and reveals its incredible variety, from riotous ramblers to perfectly pruned standards
  • Showcases the cream of Britain's classic rose gardens, from the scented romance of Mottisfont to the legendary White Garden at Sissinghurst
  • There is further inspiration for your own garden too, with special features on some of the most iconic and distinctive varieties and advice for finding the perfect rose for every location
  • 176 pages, hardback
  • Claire Masset
  • Click on image to see further details
Roses and Rose Gardens$30.00 

Rural Australian Gardens

  • Examines the best and most unusual rural Australian gardens from subtropical, temperate, alpine and arid regions
  • As well as revealing the stories behind the gardens, practical information is provided on using trees, hedges, shrubs, perennials and groundcovers in rural settings around Australia
  • Beautiful colour photos throughout
  • 288 pages, hardback
  • Myles Baldwin
  • Click on image to see further details
Rural Australian Gardens$90.00 

Sabrina's Dirty Deeds

  • Packed full of useful information from January through to December, this is a hands-on guide for what to do in your garden and when to do it
  • With great tips for chores in your climate zone, this little book will help keep your garden thriving all year round
  • 236 pages, paperback
  • Sabrina Hahn
  • Click on image to see further details
Sabrina's Dirty Deeds$20.00 

Secret Gardens

  • Showcases a carefully curated selection of privately owned gardens with more than 150 spectacular images
  • Located in France, Spain, Australia, the Caribbean and more, these gardens offer horticultural and conceptual diversity
  • The landscape architects involved reveal the secrets of their success with plans, sketches and anecdotes that provide an overview of their creative methods, and close-up images detail the plants and flowers employed in each design
  • 240 pages, hardback
  • Alain Le Toquin
  • Click on image to see further details
Secret Gardens$60.00 

Small by Design

  • Completely Australian book focussed on small garden design
  • Details design principles, explores various garden styles including international, formal and informal styles
  • Provides information on choosing garden flooring, walls and lighting, finishing touches, plant suggestions and provides numerous case studies
  • Beautifully illustrated with photos of small Australian gardens
  • 224 pages, hardback
  • Paul Urquhart and Lorna Rose
  • Click on image to see further details
Small by Design$45.00 

Smaller Eucs for Planting in Aust

  • Describes 84 smaller growing eucalypts that are suited for growing in Australia
  • Information of each species is provided in a double page and includes:
    - height graph indicating usual and max height
    - images of cultivated plants and age estimate
    - images of bark, foliage, buds, flowers & fruits
    - meaning and origin of name
    - features and flowering times
    - natural distribution and habitat
    - cultivation and uses
    - similar species
    - table indicating environmental preferences/tolerances
  • 222 pages, paperback
  • Dean Nicolle
  • Click on image to see further details
Smaller Eucs for Planting in Aust$35.00 

Sophie's Patch

  • A beautiful, inspirational and fun gardening book bursting with ideas, projects and great advice from Gardening Australia's Sophie Thomson
  • Over the years viewers have shared Sophie's transformation of a once bleak paddock surrounding her historic stone cottage into a lush garden
  • Includes hundreds of photos as well as information on Sophie's guiding principles (including soil, climate and waterwise gardening), planning, favourite plants, garden structures and more
  • 266 pages, paperback
  • Sophie Thomson
  • Click on image to see further details
Sophie's Patch$35.00 

Starting & Saving Seeds

  • Grow fabulous food and flowers from seed then save seeds to make next year's garden even better!
  • Provides a step-by-step approach to growing from seed and saving seed
  • Includes extensive plant entries that cover all the most popular vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers
  • Tips and hints, such as how to encourage stubborn seeds to germinate
  • Lists to help you find the best plants to add to your garden, whether you want heirloom tomatoes for hot, humid climates or a rainbow of eggplants
  • 160 pages, hardback
  • Julie Thompson-Adolf
  • Click on image to see further details
Starting and Saving Seeds$33.00 

Starting Out With Bulbs

  • Essential guide containing over 320 species of bulbs and hybrids
  • Each is described in detail and includes full colour photographs to showcase the variety available for every climate
  • Includes a section on how to care for your bulbs, with tips on planting, fertilising, watering, common pests and diseases, and a glossary
  • 288 pages, paperback with plastic cover
  • David Jones
  • Click on image to see further details
Starting Out With Bulbs$25.00 

Starting Out With Herbs

  • Guide to over 60 species of herbs that will easily grow in your garden
  • In an A-Z format, each herb is pictured and described in detail
  • Includes information on cultivation, cooking, herbal medicine, cosmetic and domestic uses, companion planting and insects
  • 176 pages, paperback
  • Margaret Roberts
  • Click on image to see further details
Starting Out with Herbs$25.00 

Starting Out With Natives

  • Designed to help gardeners choose the most appropriate natives for their area
  • Plants are grouped alphabetically by common name, and the species described are generally available from local or native nurseries
  • Each plant is illustrated with a colour photo, and information is given on size, habit, flowering season, hardiness, frost tolerance and uses, as well as requirements for sun or shade, soil, drainage and pruning
  • 176 pages, paperback with plastic cover
  • John Wrigley and Murray Fagg
  • Click on image to see further details
Starting Out With Natives$30.00 

Starting Out With Orchids

  • Designed to lure the beginner into the fascinating world of orchids
  • Describes 256 species, including 27 easy-to-grow species, in simple straightforward language
  • Provides information on the growing requirements of each orchid and is accompanied by a colour photo
  • 240 pages, paperback with plastic cover
  • David Jones
  • Click on image to see further details
Starting Out With Orchids$30.00 

Starting out with Palms

  • More than 200 species of palms are described along with their growing requirements
  • Provides information on which palms to select for your temperature zone, how to protect your palms from pests and diseases and advice on watering, mulching and pruning
  • Full colour photograph of each palm described
  • 192 pages, paperback
  • David Jones
  • Click on image to see further details
Starting Out with Palms$25.00 

Starting out with Vines & Climbers

  • Over 220 species of vines and climbers are described, including hybrids and cultivars, and each species is accompanied by colour photos
  • Includes tips on pruning, training and tying, and a glossary that explains unfamiliar terms
  • 256 pages, paperback
  • David Jones
  • Click on image to see further details
Starting Out With Vines$25.00 

Stylish Succulents

  • Japanese authors TOKIIRO apply the simple principles of Japanese ikebana and bonsai to succulent gardening
  • Shares inspiring techniques for conceptualising and designing gardens using succulents
  • Includes tips on combining colours, shapes and textures, selecting, modifying and creating containers, finding the most pleasing spaces for growing and viewing, and maintaining a healthy succulent garden whatever its setting
  • 96 pages, hardback
  • Tokiiro
  • Click on image to see further details
Stylish Succulents$25.00 


  • Filled with practical and inspirational information to help you cultivate cactuses and succulent varieties
  • Includes more than 100 profiles of plants with corresponding photos
  • Tips for picking the perfect succulents for your space, with advice on colour combinations, sizes, shapes and containers
  • Guides for watering, propagation, and grooming to keep your succulents happy and healthy
  • 206 pages, hardback
  • John Bagnasco and Bob Reidmuller
  • Click on image to see further details

Succulents for the Garden

  • Provides details on growing succulents, including the best location, water-wise gardening, problem solving and growing in containers
  • The second half of the book contains a library of succulents with a large number of colour photos
  • 95 pages, softback
  • Attila Kapitany and Rudolf Schulz
  • Click on image to see further details
Succulents for the Garden$24.00 

Sustainable Gardens

  • Written for home gardeners, professional horticulturists, landscapers, and all those passionate about cultivated landscapes, this book examines the steps we can take towards harmonising gardening activity with the cycles of nature
  • Explains the connections between human activity, resource depletion, and environmental degradation, and shows how to conduct an audit of gardening practices, materials, and results so that every gardener can measure the impact he or she is having on nature
  • Checklists are provided so that gardeners can ensure they are taking the most sustainable path through each phase of gardening – design, construction, maintenance
  • 342 pages, paperback
  • Rob Cross and Roger Spencer
  • Click on image to see further details
Sustainable Gardens$35.00  No ETA

Taller Eucs for Planting in Aust

  • Describes 81 taller growing eucalypts that are suited for growing in Australia
  • Information of each species is provided in a double page and includes:
    - height graph indicating usual and max height
    - images of cultivated plants and age estimate
    - images of bark, foliage, buds, flowers & fruits
    - meaning and origin of name
    - features and flowering times
    - natural distribution and habitat
    - cultivation and uses
    - similar species
    - table indicating environmental preferences/tolerances
  • 222 pages, paperback
  • Dean Nicolle
  • Click on image to see further details
Taller Eucs for Planting in Aust$35.00 

Terrariums - Gardens Under Glass

  • Provides detailed information on designing, creating & planting modern indoor gardens in glass terrariums
  • Includes sections on terrarium design, the basics, glass vessels, getting started, plants to use, modern indoor gardening & maintenance
  • Extensive tips & detailed how to guides with clear photos
  • 176 pages, paperback
  • Maria Colletti
  • Click on image to see further details

The Enchanted Garden

  • The Enchanted Garden is the story of how renowned landscape designer Paul Bangay came to build the garden of St Ambrose Garden, against the blue background of Mount Macedon
  • The breathtaking garden of vistas and green rooms that Paul Bangay designed, and photographer Simon Griffiths captures, will weave a spell on readers
  • 158 pages, paperback
  • Paul Bangay and Simon Griffiths
  • Click on image to see further details
The Enchanted Garden$40.00 

The Tree

  • Trees are the biggest plants on earth, and its longest living species
  • In this spectacular volume, acclaimed landscape photographer Richard Woldendorp explores Australian trees of all shapes and sizes
  • From abstract close-ups to aerials, Woldendorp's images reveal the beauty and wonder of trees
  • 144 pages, hardback
  • Richard Woldendorp
  • Click on image to see further details
The Tree$45.00 

Tree Anatomy

  • A4 size full colour book on tree anatomy
  • Provides detailed colour photos and discussion on the parts and structures of a tree system
  • 104 pages, hardback
  • Published 1994
  • Dr Alex Shigo
  • ISBN 0943563143
  • Click on image to see further details
Tree Anatomy$185.00 

Tree Basics

  • An introductory guide to trees and their main components
  • Provides detailed black & white photos and discussion on the key parts and structures of trees
  • 40 pages, paperback
  • Dr Alex Shigo
  • ISBN 094356316X
  • Click on image to see further details
Tree Basics$20.00 

Tree Pruning - A Worldwide Photo Guide

  • Worldwide photo guide on trees and pruning techniques
  • Includes discussion on pruning and colour photos
  • 186 pages
  • Published 1997
  • Dr Alex Shigo
  • ISBN 0943563089
  • Click on image to see further details
Tree Pruning - Photo Guide$90.00 

Tree Pruning Basics

  • Many brief messages on tree pruning
  • Colour and black & white photos support key messages
  • 32 pages, paperback
  • Dr Alex Shigo
  • Click on image to see further details
Tree Pruning Basics$35.00 

Trees of Australia

  • Provides answers to commonly asked questions on Australian trees including how old do they get, how tall do they grow etc.
  • Includes sections on types of trees and shrubs including conifers, eucalypts, proteas, wattles, casuarinas and rainforest species, with many colour photos throughout
  • 128 pages, paperback
  • Peter Krisch
  • Click on image to see further details
Trees of Australia$19.00 

True Form

  • Leading landscape architect Peter Fudge takes the reader through the creation of fourteen inspiring outdoor spaces that reflect the passions and personalities of their owners
  • Ranging from sophisticated urban courtyards to lush country properties, all are based on the enduring principles of scale, perspective, restraint and simplicity
  • Offers a wealth of practical information on the challenges of site, aspect and microclimate, as well as tips on plant choice, planting and maintenance techniques, and hard and soft landscaping materials
  • 320 pages, hardback
  • Peter Fudge
  • Click on image to see further details
True Form$70.00 


  • Stunning contemporary guide features over 50 of the most beautiful tulip varieties
  • From the fabulous, flushed-with-pink petals of La Belle Epoque and the raspberry swirl of Carnaval de Nice, to the crystal fringed rim of Oviedo and the fiery form of flaming parrot, the diverse colours and textures of tulips mean that they are perfect for almost any scenario
  • Spectacular photos accompany detailed commentary with the flower's fascinating history and development as well as providing easy-to-follow gardening tips that explain how to grow and enjoy tulips at home
  • 240 pages, hardback
  • Jane Eastoe
  • Click on image to see further details
Tulips - Beautiful Varieties$40.00 

Urban Garden Design

  • Kate Gould draws on years of experience as an award winning garden designer to provide specific solutions and inspirational ideas,resulting in a stunning guide for gardeners who are keen to transform small and awkward outdoor spaces into beautiful and practical escapes
  • Covering topics such as making a start and crafting mood boards for your scheme to dealing with existing structures, as well as selecting plants and materials along with implementation and finishing touches
  • 176 pages, hardback
  • Kate Gould
  • Click on image to see further details
Urban Garden Design$40.00 

Vegetation Survey & Assessment

  • This manual is a practical guide for surveying and assessing vegetation, including weeds, so it can be managed more effectively. It is also designed for assessing the condition and habitat value of vegetation
  • Includes sections on how to survey vegetation, how to assess native vegetation and reporting on vegetation surveys
  • 123 pages, A4 paperback
  • Click on image to see further details
Vegetation Survey & Assessment$36.00 

Vertical Gardening

  • Describes the author's time-honored techniques for establishing a vertical garden, including:
    - selecting specific plants that thrive in vertical gardens
    - maximising growing area for a bountiful harvest
    - choosing the best containers for various types of plants
    - taking advantage of unused space, inc walls and fences
    - adding additional space with arbors, arches or pergolas
    - maintaining ideal soil conditions
    - preventing and dealing with diseases and pests
  • 96 pages, paperback, black and white
  • Jason Johns
  • Click on image to see further details
Vertical Gardening$19.00 

Vertical Vegetable Gardening

  • Describes the secrets of successful vertical vegetable gardening, from planning and construction to planting, tending and harvesting
  • Advice on choosing the right location, information on vertical supports and containers, and step by step instructions on building structures such as trellises, arbors and cages
  • Provides profiles for over 30 different types of vegetables, fruit and herbs
  • 272 pages, paperback
  • Chris McLaughlin
  • Click on image to see further details
Vertical Vege Gardening$35.00 

Waterwise Australian Native Garden

  • Provides practical advice on all aspects of growing native plants in the home garden
  • Expert information about the fundamentals - soil requirements, planting, cultivation techniques, pruning, fertilising and pest control
  • Learn how to select the right plants for your climate, incorporate native varieties into an existing garden, grow bush foods, attract wildlife and create drought tolerant and fire resistant gardens
  • Comprehensive listing with more than 150 cultivars show growth habits, flowering characteristics and frost and salt tolerance
  • 288 pages, paperback
  • Angus Stewart and AB Bishop
  • Click on image to see further details
Waterwise Australian Native Garden$40.00 

Waterwise Gardening

  • Sets out six vital principles to create a beautiful garden that not only uses water wisely but creates a sustainable, low maintenance, fuss-free environment
  • Describes more than 200 dry-tolerant plants grouped as trees, shrubs, bulbs, annuals/perennials and climbers/groundcovers
  • Hundreds of full colour photos and easy to follow diagrams
  • 192 pages, softback
  • Fourth edition 2009, Kevin Walsh
  • Click on image to see further details
Waterwise Gardening$27.00 

The Weed Book

  • Essential gardener’s guide to identifying and removing weeds and introduced species
  • Updated edition includes colour photos and detailed descriptions of over 120 weeds
  • Illustrated step-by-step guide to hand weeding methods, as well as techniques for the safe use of chemical herbicides
  • 193 pages, paperback with plastic cover
  • Mark Wolff
  • Click on image to see further details
Awaiting reprint

Weed Forager's Handbook

  • This book is an essential handbook for both novice and experienced wild food foragers
  • The guidelines, excellent ID photos and choice of the most useful and common species will give the novice confidence while the facts and recipes will extend all but the most advanced weed aficionados
  • 166 pages, paperback
  • Adam Grubb and Annie Raser-Rowland
  • Click on image to see further details
Weed Forager's Handbook$22.00 

Wetland Weeds

  • Comprehensive guide to wetland weeds, covering both native and introduced species
  • More than 130 species of weeds are included with information on their origins, nutrient responses, environmental effects, habitat values, prospects for containment or eradication and even culinary uses
  • Other sections look at native plants as weeds and potential weeds still being sold through the aquarium and nursery trades
  • 140 pages, paperback
  • Nick Romanowski
  • Click on image to see further details
Wetland Weeds$50.00 

What Garden Pest or Disease is That?

  • This book is intended to help gardeners avoid garden problems and to deal efficiently with any that do occur
  • The hundreds of pests and diseases included in this book do not all occur in the same geographic area or in the same season. Years may pass before most of them are of serious concern in a particular garden
  • Some insects have been included only to show that although commonly seen they do very little damage and should be accepted as part of the friendly garden fauna
  • The A-Z of Plant Care section outlines appropriate culture for a wide range of plants and indicates their most common pest and disease problems
  • The Pest and Disease section provides more information about most of these problems, together with colour photographs
  • 312 pages, paperback with a plastic cover
  • Judy McMaugh
  • Click on image to see further details
What Garden Pest $50.00 

Wild Food Plants of Australia

  • Compact, field guide edition to facilitate quick and ready reference of Australia’s edible flora
  • Describes more than 180 plants from most tasty and significant plant foods of southern and eastern Australia to the more important and spectacular inland and tropical foods
  • Distribution maps are provided with each description plus notes on how these plants were used in the past and can be used today
  • Beautifully illustrated with colour photos and line drawings, and includes a guide to poisonous and non-poisonous plants
  • 240 pages, paperback
  • Tim Low
  • Click on image to see further details
Wild Food Plants of Aust$30.00 

Wildflowers of Australia

  • Pocket sized book covers of 225 key wildflower species, including orchids, wattles, daisies and myrtles
  • 250 colour photos illustrate key features
  • Written accounts on ID of flowers and leaves, habitat and range
  • 192 pages, paperback with plastic cover (pocket size)
  • Ken Stepnell
  • Click on image to see further details
Wildflowers of Australia$15.00 

Wildflowers of Sydney

  • Field guide contains 268 of the more common wildflowers of Sydney and adjoining areas
  • Each page is devoted to a single plant, with a full colour photograph, description, distribution, flowering period, habitat and information on its specific location
  • 278 pages, paperback
  • Alan Fairley, published 2001
  • Click on image to see further details
W/flowers of Syd$30.00 

Wood in Australia

  • The 2005 second edition of this excellent reference book on Australian timbers - their characteristics and applications, properties and uses
  • Expanded and updated to include new species in use, new technologies (kiln drying, preservative treatments) and new products: flooring, engineered products; decorative veneers; panel products
  • 452 pages, now in paperback
  • Keith R Bootle
  • ISBN 0074510479
  • Click on image to see further details
Wood in Australia$85.00  No ETA

Yates Garden Guide

  • Must have book for beginners and experienced gardens
  • Fully illustrated and detailing more than 1000 plant species, this book contains everything you need to know about growing trees, shrubs, vines, flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruit
  • Includes problem solving charts and new ideas such as keeping chooks, microgreens and transplanting established trees
  • 516 pages, paperback
  • Click on image to see further details
Yates Garden Guide$40.00 

Yates Garden Problem Solver

  • Bestselling book has been updated to include the latest available practical remedies for your garden, including natural and organic pest and disease solutions
  • Covering a wide variety of common problems affecting flowers, fruit, vegetables, shrubs, trees and lawns
  • Provides clear colour illustrations of weeds, pests and diseases, allowing you to spot at a glance the issue affecting your plants
  • 112 pages, hardback
  • Click on image to see further details
Yates Garden Problem Solver$30.00