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In the forest, vines are free to choose how they would like to spread out their wings. They can twist, turn, decide which direction to go and how high they would like to grow. However, in the vineyard, they have to play by our rules - for very good reason. As much as we would like the vines to look natural, we have to prune our vineyard to provide the best chance for a fruitful and quality harvest. There are many elements that dictate how, when and which method to prune your vines. Read on to learn more about pruning, why we do it and some quality tools that you need for the job.
What is it about weeding a garden that places it into the chore category? Removing these intruders can feel like an endless task, especially during the growing season.

While it looks like those of us on the east coast are in for a wet summer with La Niña well and truly in effect, it doesn’t mean that when we finally get to enjoy a well-deserved summer holiday we can completely forget about the garden.