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Council Tool Woodcraft Camp Carver Axe

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The new premium Woodcraft Camp Carver is designed to be a multi-use bushcraft/camping axe, and a carving axe for fine woodworking. The design has its heritage in the larger riggers axes of North America, the bearded axes of Northern Europe. It’s a carver (bushcraft axe) that you don’t have to worry about bringing into the woods with you, or letting it get dirty while doing camp-chores. With a swept toe, flat-grind, large bit length, bearded blade, and a radius under the hammer poll for the web of the user’s hand, it was made to choke up, shave, and do detailed work. The poll is hardened and can be used like a hammer. It helps with balance of the head overall, and gives leverage when choking up. It has a 90 deg. spine for scraping tinder and for using a ferro-rod to start fires in a pinch. Forged 737g head is made using 5160 steel, has 25-28 deg flat-grind bit bevels with 100mm bit length, and has a 40cm premium curved American Hickory handle. Includes a high quality welted leather mask to protect your axe from the elements. Total weight 910g. Made in USA, Council Tool part WC17CCA16C.

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  • Supplier Part # WC17CCA16C