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Potato Grow Bag

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The Ryset potato grow bag is a great way to grow 4-6 seed potatoes or other deep root vegetables without needing lots of space. This reusable bag is made from strong, woven UV-protected polyethylene which allows roots to breathe, boosting plant growth and yields. Features strong webbing handles and access flap for harvesting your potatoes without damaging the plant.

To use, fill the bottom of the bag with 7cm of soil and compost mix. Place 4-6 seed potatoes on top and add another 7cm of soil mix to cover the tops of the tubers. Keep the soil mix moist and place in a sunny position. As the tubers sprout, the green shoots will emerge from the soil. Periodically add 5-7cm of soil mix to cover these shoots leaving only the tips exposed. Once the soil is at the top of the bag allow the plants to flower. From this stage you can begin to "steal" new potatoes from the resealable window. Once the plant has died back, you can empty the bag and yield the full rewards.

Size: 40cm in diameter by 55cm high. Holds approximately 60 litres