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Every gardener knows that having the right tools is essential to creating the garden of your dreams. Maybe you’ve wondered what tools were must-haves versus which tools were just optional extras. Maybe you already have some gardening tools but you don’t know if you’ve got the essentials. Well, we've put together a list of four garden tools that we think every at-home gardener should have.

It’s officially summer which means hot temperatures are upon us. Our gardens and lawns will need extra care for the next few months to ensure they survive the summer weather. We’ll run you through how to water your garden and lawn, how often and for how long, and share some product recommendations.

The height of trees may need to be measured for several different reasons. Tree height is a key variable for estimating tree biomass and investigating tree life history, but it is difficult to measure in forests with tall, dense canopies and wide crowns.
A yard full of greenery with tall trees and hedges is a dream for many. They provide a sense of serenity, a connection with nature and a greater level of privacy for your home. However, hedges and trees will require regular, ongoing pruning and maintenance to retain their appearance and continue to fit within the constraints of the house and land size. Pruning tall branches and shrubs requires considerable physical effort, which can be dangerous if working on ladders and using the wrong tools. A better solution is using tools specifically designed for high reach pruning, such as telescopic pole saws and extendable loppers, which enable you to undertake these tasks while standing firmly on the ground.  We will discuss why and when you should prune trees and shrubs, and how to choose the right pole saw or lopper for your needs.

Tree grafting is a widely used horticultural technique that has been practised for fruit tree propagation for centuries. It involves joining together tissues of two different plants to function as a single plant. The plants must be similar enough that the connecting tree won’t be rejected. Generally speaking, most fruit trees are compatible within their species, but many are also compatible within their genus. For instance, grafting an orange onto a lemon rootstock works because they both belong to the genus citrus. Let’s explore the various reasons why you would want to graft, how to graft and some handy tools to use in the process.

There is often a lot of time, money and effort dedicated to planting tubestock, with the hope they will quickly grow into strong, healthy trees. However, these young trees are prone to a variety of harsh elements that can result in premature death. These include the sun's harsh UV rays, herbicide spray drift, animal grazing, machinery damage, wind damage and accidental treading. The list simply goes on, and as a result, seedlings need a protective barrier to ensure they grow into strong and healthy trees. Tree guards are an easy solution and provide the necessary protection. They are highly effective at increasing the growth and survival rate of young trees. With several types of tree guards available at Forestry Tools, let's explore the benefits and limitations of three common options.