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Part #1394

Granberg Alaskan Mill MKIII

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The Granberg Alaskan Mill MKIII is an advanced timber mill, to be used in conjunction with an existing chainsaw. The MKIII clamps onto the chainsaw guide bar and is easily adjusted to produce exact timber thickness. Converts rough logs into perfectly dimensioned timber with an even re-sawn finish. Safe, easy-to-use and fast, the MKIII produces timber in thicknesses of 1/2"-13". Chainsaw is not included. Optional auxiliary oiler kit is available for larger bar chainsaws. Available in 24”, 30” and 36” wide models. Chainsaw bar length can be up to the maximum mill size (eg a 30” mill can use a chainsaw bar up to 30”). Approximately 2” in cutting capacity is lost from mounting the chainsaw (eg 30” mill will enable approx 28” wide cutting). Ripping chain is required.

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  • Supplier Part # G781-24