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Haglöf Increment Borers

  • High quality Swedish made increment borers to extract cores of wood from trees to determine growth rate, age, chemical penetration and soundness
  • Teflon coated bit reduces friction and protects against rust and resin build-up
  • 5.15mm diameter
  • 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500 and 600mm lengths
  • Available in 2-thread or 3-thread
  • We strongly recommend using 2-thread borers for Australian hardwoods and 3-thread borers for softwoods - 2-thread borers provide easier penetration in tough timbers
Inc Borer 200mm 2T$290.00 
Inc Borer 200mm 3T$290.00 
Inc Borer 300mm 2T$340.00 
Inc Borer 300mm 3T$340.00 
Inc Borer 400mm 2T$390.00 
Inc Borer 400mm 3T$390.00 
Inc Borer 500mm 2T$640.00 
Inc Borer 500mm 3T$640.00 
Inc Borer 600mm 2T$750.00 
Inc Borer 600mm 3T$750.00