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Air Layering Capsule Small (x5)

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Air Layering is growing roots right onto the branches to replicate your existing plants to produce a new one. Air layering propagation will produce genetically parallel new plants (clones) which carry all the characteristics of the parent, and is a process that often occurs naturally. In the wild it happens when a low branch or stem touches the ground and takes root.

Air layering is pretty simple, especially with the Air Layering Capsule achieving stronger aerial roots to reproduce a more mature plant faster than normal propagation methods. It allows you to see propagation results within 6-8 weeks after installation. Most plants can be air layered, including tropical indoor plants, climbers, roses, magnolias, camellias, rhododendron, azaleas. Nut and fruit producers like apples, pears, pecans and citrus are easily air layered too.

The capsules are designed with stoppers and corner interlocks to hold the propagator in place on the branch. However, you can use plastic ties to hold the pods securely. The capsules are sturdy and durable enough to be reused over and over again so you can clone more plants to your heart’s content.

Small size to suit stem diameters 6-8mm. Pack of 5 capsules.

To use the capsules:

  1. Select a vertical branch. Just below the bud make 2 horizontal cuts in the bark 10 cm apart.
  2. Peel the bark away between the cuts to expose the inner cambium
  3. Fill the capsule with moist coco peat (coir) or sphagnum moss and clamp the capsule around the exposed cambium
  4. Seal the capsule to prevent drying out, and water weekly. Check for root growth after 6 weeks
  5. Once established, cut the branch below the capsule and plant out