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Broadleaf Weed Seedlings

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Field guide for farmers, graziers, extension officers, consultants and students who are trying to identify broadleaf weeds at the early seedling stage. Includes descriptions of 95 broadleaf plant species, focusing on the weeds of the temperate zone of Australia, 86 weeds, the broadleaf crops canola and safflower and a broadleaf forage crop, six legume pasture species (including Lucerne, white clover and subterranean clover). Also includes a detailed colour photo and a short description pointing out the features unique to each species, making it easy to identify the seedlings while at their most susceptible stage for control. Cross-references are included for look-alike species. For ease of identification, the plants in the field guide are arranged according to cotyledon shape, and diagrams showing the plant parts and the different shapes of leaves, cotyledons, apexes, bases and margins will help the user to correctly identify species. 112 pages, paperback. James Dellow, NSW DPI.