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Council Tool Co

Part #2462

Council Tool Flying Fox Axe 22"

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The Flying Fox Woodsman Hatchet is a multi-use camp hatchet in the Sport Utility Line, that was developed with specific design parameters, so that it functions well for wood-cutting chores. This hatchet is unique in this market, as it is one of the very few hatchets that has a hardened poll. This poll can be used as a hammer to drive nails, spikes, and other fasteners, as well as aid in the process of construction, demolition, and some mechanical applications where a slight “adjustment” is needed. Straight US Hickory handle with a large hatchet eye, trimmed to be under 22". Hardened bit and poll. Total length 53cm, bit length 10cm, weight 1.1kg. Made in USA.

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  • Supplier Part # SU162FF22S