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Kestrel 3550AG Spraying Weather Meter

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Avoid spray drift and maximize application results with this portable and connected handheld weather meter. Off-target pesticide drift can not only cause damage to nearby vulnerable crops but also pose a serious threat to people, livestock, wildlife, and the surrounding community.

Farmers put themselves and their operations at risk every time they spray a field without documenting the wind speed and environmental conditions. The 3550AG with Bluetooth Connectivity makes it easy to instantly capture and log accurate, field-level weather data with just one-click.

It is critical to measure relative humidity, wind speed and wind direction at field-level to minimize waste and maximize safety when spraying. The on-site weather at time of application has a significant impact on the risk of drift. Best management practices include checking weather at the site of application to ensure safe and effective spraying. With a built-in digital compass, the 3550AG measures all relevant environmental conditions for spraying including wind direction.

The new 3550AG meter has Bluetooth connectivity to pair with the Kestrel app for the ability to wirelessly view, share, and export weather data from a mobile device. Download the Kestrel app from the app store to take advantage of the all the features available.

Environmental Measures
Altitude (Barometric)
Barometric Pressure
Delta T
Dew Point Temperature
Heat Stress Index
Pressure Trend
Relative Humidity
Temperature Humidity Index (THI)
Wet Bulb Temperature (Psychrometric)
Wind Chill
Wind Direction
Wind Speed/Air Speed


Manuals and Documents

Download Kestrel 3550AG Manual
Download Kestrel LINK Guide