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No Dig

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Work in harmony with your soil for healthy plants and bumper crops, without back-breaking effort

Join the No Dig revolution to boost your soil's vitality and grow more veg with less effort.

Transform a weedy plot into a thriving vegetable garden by following simple steps achieved in a few hours and with plants in the ground from day one. The crucial factor is understanding that not only is there no need to dig over the soil, but by minimising intervention you are actively boosting soil productivity. This is the essence of the No Dig system that Charles Dowding has perfected over a lifetime growing vegetables.

The less you dig, the more you preserve soil structure and nurture the fungal mycelium and wider microbial life vital to the health of all plants. Now one of the hottest topics in environmental science, this "wood-wide web" has informed Charles's practice for decades, and he's proven it isn't just trees that benefit - every gardener can harness the power of the wood-wide web.

No Dig gardening is also about utilising every inch of growing space and every moment of growing potential. By planting in succession, multi-sowing crops, interplanting fast and slow crops, and prolonging the process of harvesting, even small-space gardeners can be picking fresh produce each day of the year.

288 pages, hardback, Charles Dowding

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