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Ryset Heated Propagation Kit

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Heated propagation kit includes high dome lid, a 40 cell Hiko seedling tray, bottom plastic tray, heat mat and heat mat thermostat.

The high dome lid is durable, re-usable and flexible, with adjustable ventilation
holes enabling you to control temperature and humidity to keep your seedlings and cuttings perfect environment maintained.

The 40 cell Hiko seedling tray is a rigid, multi-reusable tray. It comprises 40 cells, each with an internal cell volume of 93cc. Each cell is 40mm diameter at the top and 87mm deep. Tray dimensions: 352x216x87mm. 

The heat mat is 500mm long x 250mm wide and fits snugly under the propagator tray. Heat to the bottom of the propagation medium vastly improves the rate of germination and success of cuttings. This 18W Heat Mat warms root area 10-20 degrees above room temperatures, simply by placing your heat mat on a flat, dry surface underneath your seeds/seedlings. High quality, water resistant construction.

The heat mat thermostat is an electronic temperature controller. The thermostat
controls the temperature of heat mats evenly and provides constant optimum
temperatures for specific plants. Comes fully Australian compliant, with AU plug.