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Urbalive Worm Farms

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Finally a worm farm that looks good and works effortlessly. Designed by leading Czech designer Jiri Pelcl, the Urbalive Worm Farm has been awarded the acclaimed reddot design award. Designed to be used indoors or on your patio or balcony, and allows you to compost your kitchen waste, turning it into rich vermicaste and compost tea, which in turn can be fed to your own vegetable garden or Urbalive Indoor Planter. Composting in the Urbalive Worm Farm is easy and odour-free, you just need to follow several basic rules. The kit comes with trays where the worms transform food scraps into vermicompost, a bin where the liquid worm tea is collected and a tight fitting lid. The vermicompost contains potent enzymes and natural growth hormones and is added to soil to encourage growth. Worm tea is a liquid fertilizer containing a lot of rich nutrients and enzymes that help your plants grow and prevent pests. Weight 6.65kg, height 60.5cm, width 50.5cm, depth 38cm. Available in Anthracite, Green, Ivory or Brown colours. Made in Czech Republic.

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