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Electrocoup F3020 Electric Pruner with Standard Head (40mm)

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Please note:  Due to the lithium batteries in these pruners we can only ship by courier to a street address (not PO Box).

The F3020 electric pruning shear is the worthy heir to the F3015. After over 6 years of research, tests and fine-tuning, INFACO is proud to present its latest model of pruning shears. A genuine concentrate of technology, the F3020 builds on the highly respected F3015 technical base adding many improvements to allow our clients to continue using the best tool available on the market.

Even more effective than the F3015, the F3020 has higher cutting speeds and improved work comfort. Lighter, more compact and easier to handle than the previous generations.

Loaded with technological advances, the pruning shear can now be “connected” using an optional Bluetooth® box. This new system makes it possible to report highly relevant data in order to achieve ever more effective pruning work. This connectivity option, combined with the new INFACO® application provides the possibility of making a multitude of adjustments directly from a smartphone (adjustable blade opening management, blade crossing, new Soft mode speed configuration, etc.) but also offers advanced reading and analysis of the data collected during the device’s use.

Key specifications:

  • Compact and lightweight : 708 g
  • Performances : power and easy handling
  • High cutting capacity : 
    40 mm Standard Head
  • Ergonomic design
  • DSES Wireless cut prevention system as standard (can be disabled)

Standard Wireless DSES

This new wireless safety system is composed of a conductive trigger that makes the connection between the user’s body and the shears’ electronic system (INFACO patents).

As soon as the cutting head touches the opposite hand (bare or wearing a glove), the pruning shear blade opens instantly, thereby preventing accidents!

The Wireless DSES system operates on direct skin contact, however, everyone has their own levels of conductivity. So, to guarantee a high level of conductivity, the use of INFACO conductive gloves is nevertheless recommended. They increase the signal and provide better protection (see recommendations in the instructions for use).

Important: if you want to use gloves to protect from the cold, the system imposes wearing INFACO conductive gloves.

The use of INFACO conductor gloves is strongly recommended to :

  • Increase the safety system conductivity.
  • To make the reactivity consistent on the entire hand surface.
  • Reduce unwanted triggering on wet wood and/or wood that is too close to the ground.

For the DSES system to operate properly, wash the glove by hand at least once per week using clean, cold water without detergent.

Standard & Soft Operating Modes

Standard operating mode provides progressive blade movement at full speed (approx 15% faster than F3015). Ideal for experienced users who require maximum pruning speed. Soft mode is especially suitable for new users learning how to pruner, offering a slightly reduced cutting speed with progressive blade movement.

Adjustable blade opening

Select a half-aperture or 10 easy to program opening positions to suit the pruning conditions

Lithium-ion battery

The new Lithium-Ion Cobalt L100B F3020 battery weighs only 698 grams compared to 810 grams on the previous version. Its voltage is now 36 volts (compared to 48 volts on the previous F3015 model). The F3020 pruning shears are still 36 volt and 48 volt compatible.

Its sleek design and reduced volume provide a day of pruning without any recharges. With its multi-purpose carrying system, the F3020 battery is easy to slip into a pocket or click to a belt, and will very quickly be forgotten during your pruning sessions.

  • LITHIUM 108Wh battery
  • Weight : 698g
  • Full-day complete autonomy 8hrs*
  • Battery with built in electronic storage cell protection and management system (BMS)
  • High capacity LITHIUM cells
  • POWERTOOLS storage cell technology
  • So-called “High Power” “Long Life” smart cells


F3020 Battery Vest

4 Possible carrying options

Designed to provide unprecedented comfort, the F3020 vest is highly ergonomic and easy to use. Thanks to the new straight cable system that ingeniously crosses the vest to the shoulder (with arm band) it becomes almost invisible. Benefit further from the lightweight sensations of your F3020 pruning shear and work all day without hindrance.

The battery can be carried 4 different ways:

  • On a vest with straps.
  • On the belt (without the removable straps).
  • Using a trouser belt clip.
  • Directly in the pocket thanks to its small format.

AIRFLOW Contact system
The belt has been designed to optimise air flow and therefore considerably reduce perspiration effects. The very small vest strap surface area also reduces back perspiration.

New arm band :
New, easy to use quick fastening arm band.


The worthy successor to the F3015 smart automatic charger, the brand new F3020 battery charger makes connecting easy.

The battery no longer needs to be taken out of the vest : for more practical use, now the battery is charged using a cable that directly connects the charger to the battery, making its use easier.

The F3020 lithium battery charger makes it possible to get a 90% charge in one and a half hours . Full charge is achieved in 2h (cell balancing included).

Battery wintering mode

“Long Life” wintering mode: used to switch the battery to long term storage status and optimise its service life.

Recharging is no longer required during the off-season. Just press the overwintering button at the end of the cutting season, operate the charger for a few hours and store the tool in its case till next season.

Pruning Shear Holder

The new INFACO pruning shear holder is ergonomic, light and discrete. Its innovating fast locking/unlocking system has been patented by INFACO.

During use, it allows to free both hands during use using a single movement, by storing your tool safely in its sheath (blade closed/in standby mode or switched off).

Easy to wear, not cumbersome, easy to use and secure, it can be attached to a belt or the battery holder vest. The new F3020 pruning shear holder therefore perfectly fits into your work equipment and fits the "standard" or "medium" head versions of the tool.


12 months (3 years for the gear motor, the aluminium body has a lifetime guarantee)

Up to 3 full seasons guaranteed if the first 2 set price services are completed.

The guarantee extension applies to all the F3020* parts, including the motor, gear motor, electronics board, battery and charger.

*Excluding wear parts.


Manuals and Documents

Electrocoup F3020 Brochure
Electrocoup F3020 User Guide

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